Turkey is the leader country

Destan TV, August 05, 2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkey is a faithful nation. Turkish nation has faith. This is going to be seen more clearly in the future. Turkish nation is going back to its roots, Insha’Allah. Turkey will be a super nation.  Turkish Islamic Union will emerge, Insha’Allah. Turkey will act as a big brother through the region. Under the moral leadership of Turkey, the region will succeed in achieving relief and peace long sought for. There will be a severe progress in economical, physical, moral and cultural terms and an immense civilization will arise. 

Al Baghdadia TV, June 29 2008 

Adnan Oktar: Acting together, becoming brothers and sisters and gathering around one leader is a religious duty required for all Muslims, which is commanded by Allah in the Qur’an… Muslims will fulfill this duty. That’s why I am expressing that let’s form a Turkic Islamic Union under the leadership of Turks, Turkish Nation. Let each state keep their national identity and be free, but let one spiritual leader be the head of them.

Since the Christians have a moral leader, the Pope, it is necessary for Muslims to have a moral leader as well. If this moral union owns a leader, this anarchy and disorder will come to an end. In that case, if any Muslim living in any corner of the world gets hurt on his fingertip, all the Muslims would act together and stop the incidence. But if Muslims live separately as it is now and become accessible to the politics of ‘split and swallow’, of course it is easy to swallow the small pieces. However it is out of question to swallow a huge block of Muslim world. Hence, the Muslims need to fulfill this religious obligation at once.  

Vakit, June 26, 2010

Renown Islamic Scholar Yusuf El- Karadavi: “Turkey is the Leader Country”

We Muslims recognize the Republic of Turkey as a leader. We support Turkey and supporting Turkey is obligatory indeed” said Karadavi, expressing that Turkey has made progress in all areas. Yusuf El-Karadavi has also explained that Islamic world is indeed a huge power with a population of 1580 million. He has also issued a call to the Islamic world, featuring 6 clauses and emphasized the union.

2010-07-18 01:29:11

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