Turkey is the leader of the region

Turkmeneli TV, April 22 - 2008

Adnan Oktar:  The most ideal thing to do is to constitute the Turkish-Islamic Union. That means all Islamic countries adopting a single leader, all Turkic countries having a single leader, because their populations are generally Muslim. However, Turkey adopting the role of elder brother in the region will also mean the protection of Armenian interests, an effort being made to enrich them, too, and the protection of Israeli interests, peace in Palestine, bringing peace to the region and maintaining a benevolent watch over the whole area. This is the most urgent task and it is also of great importance with regard to the European Union. It will be a blessing and a joy for the EU to be rid of terror and the fear of terror. The Turkish-Islam Union will do this most efficiently. All suffering and conflict in the Islamic world will come to an end. The Turkic states will take a major step in the direction of civilisation along the European line. Because the Turkic states are potentially very wealthy. The region is a very wealthy one. But they are not well organised. Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan have a huge potential for example. A union of these would represent the greatest union in the world.

Timeturk, July 17 – 2010
Qatari Minister: Turkey is the leader of the region


Qatar Minister of Culture  Al Kuwari made a statement and said, " The leadership in the region is Turkey’s in my opinion, as well. And Turkey has been officiating this leadership.”

2010-09-07 01:55:54

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