European civilization can develop with Turkey

Channel 5, September 20- 2008

Adnan Oktar: Let’s join the European Union with glory, honour, magnificience. Let’s join as the leader of the Turkish Islamic Union. Otherwise joining the European Union and requesting money, job from them would be unbecoming for the Turkish nation. I mean an attitude that comes to mean, “Save us, please!” would be unbecoming for us. We will go to rescue them. We shall give money to them, we shall provide them economic opportunities and enter as a leader. We shall provide the wealth and power of all the Asian and Islamic countries to them. We shall also provide their technical opportunities to them. We shall serve as a bridge. That is what I mean; otherwise, I like the art, science and culture of Europe. I surely like its culture, art. I like its architecture. I have a great respect in that sense. I like its democracy. I like its understanding of freedom. Furthermore, they could be even more free and democratic. And I like Turkey to fully adopt the European democracy, even go further. In that sense, of course I want Turkey to join the European Union.

Channel 35, December 14- 2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkey is a great state; they need to ask Turkey to join the European Union. Furthermore, in a sense they should beg for this. Because it is Turkey who will make them wealthy and save them. Turkey’s dynamic power, dynamic youth and dynamic youth of all the Turkic states and their underground sources, mines, oil, natural gas will save them. The capital of the entire Islamic world and oil are standing upright now. Turkey will be in the ruling position of all of these, will be in a leader, brother position, I mean it will be a channel for Europe. Europe is proceeding towards death; Turkey is the blood, the serum which is urgently needed to save them.

Yeni Asya, August 26- 2010



Lech Walesa, Nobel Peace Laureate, Poland’s former President of the Rebuplic who has an important role in the abolition of the Eastern Block stated that Turkey would be a full member of the European Union one day and said that EU membership of Turkey was a requirement for the development of the European civilization. Upon the question, “Do you believe that Turkey will be a full member of EU one day?” Walesa said that he had no doubt that Turkey would be a full member of the European Union (EU) one day.  He indicated that it is impossible for Turkey not to become an EU member; otherwise this would be a great loss. He also added: “Europe and Turkey should determine which process this membership is in. EU membership of Turkey is a necessity for the development of the European civilization.” Walesa emphasized the importance of Turkey thus; “Europe without Turkey can not exist.”

2010-09-28 10:29:04

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