Bashar al-Assad: Turkey surely must be a mediator


The Gulf Today, November 2 - 2008 

Adnan Oktar:  With the aid of the Turkish Union that will form through merger of Turkish states under the leadership of Turkey, there will form a Turkish Islamic Union insha’Allah. THIS WILL OCCUR IN TURKEY’S LEADERSHIP, as a matter of fact we are heading in this direction a step at a time. In fact, the most ideal is Turkey’s leadership... Therefore this has been a duty assigned to Turkey since old times. In effect, Turkey has always assumed leadership of the Turkish Islamic world. It makes this felt everywhere.  TURKEY DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY  DISPLAYS ITS DUTY AS THE ELDER BROTHER NEAR AND FAR. IN ANY GIVEN DISPUTE TURKEY STEPS IN. For instance, Turkey became involved in the formation of the Caucasian alliance. When there is dispute at hand between different countries, TURKEY HAS POSITIONED ITSELF AS THE MEDIATOR.Turkey’s leadership position is clearly evident in either the natural gas pipeline project, or the oil pipeline project as well as others. Turkey's leadership is also clearly evident in other planned projects. Turkey is in effect actively realizing this without an official statement and this is proceeding with progress


Hurriyet, September 14 - 2010 

 “Message that Turkey should also be present”


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that during the process of Syria-Israeli indirect peace talks, sustaining coordination with Turkey  is necessary.

2010-10-20 22:27:51

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