We will ask Turks to enter the EU

Azarbaijan State News Agency, 14 August 2008

Adnan Oktar: The truth of the matter is that Turkey is the greatest state of the world. I am not exaggerating, it is the greatest state. The picture will be thus; Turkey will join the European Union as the leader of the Great Turkish-Islamic Union. By this way; Turkey will both foster and strengthen Europe. Also Russia will recover, both Armenia and Israel will be relieved, the Palestine affair will be resolved.TURKEY IS A STATE THAT WILL SAVE THE WHOLE WORLD. TURKEY IS LIKE AN INSURANCE OF THE WHOLE WORLD. IT IS A VERY VITAL STATE. ALL OF THE WORLD WILL BEGIN TO SEE THIS WITHIN 10 TO 20 YEARS and Turkey will render the whole world brothers. This is the law of Allah insha’Allah, the destiny is like that insha’Allah.

Gaziantep Kanal 5, 22 September 2008

Adnan Oktar: Let us enter the EU with honor and glory. Let us enter it as the leader of the Turkish Islamic Union. Otherwise, it would be unbecoming for the Turkish Nation to enter the EU and then ask for money or jobs. That is, it would be unbecoming to assume an attitude of asking for salvation. WE WILL GO TO THEIR RESCUE. WE WILL GIVE THEM MONEY. WE WILL PROVIDE THEM ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES and enter the EU as the leader. WE WILL PRESENT THEM THE WEALTH AND POWER OF ALL ASIA AND THE ISLAMIC COUNTRIES. WE CAN SERVE AS A BRIDGE. That is what I say; otherwise I no doubt like the arts, science and culture of Europe.Of course I like its positive culture. Positive arts and architecture.In that sense, I have greatrespect. I like its democracy and understanding of freedom. EvenI wish they become more free and democratic. And in the true sense of the word, I would also like Turkey to adopt the democracy of Europe and even become more advanced. No doubt, I would like us to enter the European Union in that sense.


Turkiye, 13 June 2011


Bernard Bot, the former FM of Netherlands and the Board Member of the Netherlands Institute of International Relations“Clingendael” stated that they need the Turkish businessmen in Europe. He further said that EU had doubts about admitting Turkey to EU as a member but that he sincerily believed that in the coming few years they would themselves ask Turkey to join.

2011-09-04 17:46:26

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