Putin examines "islamic divinity students high-school"

A commission, including the Russian Prime Minister Putin’s adviser for religious affairs has examined the model of religious vocational high schools known as imam hatip in Turkey.

Russia takes action to build the framework of a religious education in the country while considering that more than the half of the population is estimated to be Muslim after 25 years.

Some 20 years after the collapse of the socialist regime, Moscow knocks at the door of Ankara to learn more about imam hatip schools. By taking into consideration the increasing Muslim population within the country, Russia officially has applied to Turkey to take the model of the imam hatip schools and the Faculties of Theology. Russia who especially studies the system of imam hatip schools intends to establish a similar system in its own country.

The ratio of Muslim population is estimated to reach 51 percent in 25 years time according to the official figures set out from Ministry of Science, Culture and Education in Russia. Being motivated by this picture, Russian Government paid an official visit to Ankara in the past months. Upon the request of the visiting commission, a comprehensive report about the imam hatip system in Turkey sent to Russia.

2009-12-24 00:00:00

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