Imam Antepli Delivers Opening Prayer to US Congress

Abdullah T. Antepli, Muslim Chaplain (imam) for Duke University which has a prominent place in USA, was invited to give the opening prayer of US House of Representatives on 3rd of March. The opening ceremony will take place at United States House of Representatives Office in Washington and be aired live on television and the Internet.

“It is an honor for me to be invited to perform the opening prayer.” said Turkish Imam Antepli and added; “It is really wonderful that the Congress pays attention about Duke University’s interest in the differences and pluralistic society.”

“As Abdullah goes to Congress, we know that he will be an important part of breaking down the barriers to fully understanding Muslims across the US,” said Nabila Haque, co-president of the Duke Muslim Students Association (MSA) who will be leading a contingent of 15-20 Duke students to Washington, DC to attend the prayer. “We’re excited to have [him] go. We realize what a momentous occasion this is and we’re so glad to share it.”

Risale Haber,  24.02.2010,  03.03.2010

2010-02-24 00:00:00

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