Author of USA who became Muslim, named Aisha

Christian journalist-author Razinah M. Rahman (65), citizen of United States of America (USA), became Muslim in the conversion ceremony that took place at mufti’s office in Manavgat county of Antalya.  The American journalist-author recited the Kelime-i Sehadet and took the name of Aisha before the Mufti of Manavgat, Halil Tas. Mufti Halil Tas and his preacher wife Fedan Tas, congratulated Razinah M. Rahman who was honored by Islam, and presented her with an English translation of the Qur’an and a book of the principles of Islam. Rahman said “I chose the religion of Islam by my own will. I have been doing research about Islam for 5 years. As I did more research, I took a very deep interest in Islam. I read the Qur’an in English from start to finish. The Holy messages influenced me very much. I found peace. I decided to become a Muslim because I believe Islam is consistent with my world view and life principles. I found peace by reciting the Shahadah.”

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