Irish woman converted to Islam while visiting the grave of a martyr

Cueeva Butterly, 31 years old Irish woman has been impressed by the martydom of Furkan Dogan during the armed attack by Israel soldiers to the Mavi Marmara and converted to Islam in Kayseri, Turkey.

Butterly who stayed in Palestine previously and worked together with the aid volunteers, explained that she was deeply impressed by the martyrdom of Ali Haydar and Cevdet as well as Furkan and expressed her feelings saying; “There are many people  who were martyred in Palestine and the Arabic World. All these impressed me deeply. Furkan had a goal and he died a martyr for the sake of that goal. There are mainly young children who died as martyrs in Palestine. I wish I were in the place of Furkan.”

Batterly also expresses that she is glad as she becomes a Muslim now and has taken the name of Ayse after the conversion.


2010-07-30 00:00:00

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