A Muslim convert Liana Amira devotes her life to serving Islam with her own radio channel and says: ""I find happiness in Islam""

Liana Amira Stanescu, who embraced Islam at the age of 30, devotes her life to serving Islam. Liana Amira, speaks English, French and Romanian, and had worked as a TV announcer and radio producer for seven years but could never achieve happiness that she always longed for. Then she made research on Islam and became  a Muslim despite all the objections of her family and people around her. After converting to Islam she established a radio channel in Romania to spread the message of Islam. Liana expresses her feelings saying; “Now communicating Islam is my sole responsibility. Islam has a high opinion of people and dignifies women. Islam attaches importance to animals, plants, all living beings and non-living beings alike, and commands people to be respectful and appreciative.”

2010-08-21 00:00:00

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