Famous Striker Thierry Henry invites people to Islam

French striker Thierry Henry, who played in one of the world’s most famous clubs and is still a member of the French national squad, told that he became a Muslim as he was impressed by his teammates Anelka and Ribery, who converted to Islam previously. Thierry Henry also expressed that the more he reads the Qur’an, the more he comprehends Islam.

“My teammates Anelka, Abidal and Ribery contributed a lot in my conversion to Islam. The more they told me about Islam, the more I felt myself close to Islam. Deep in my heart I did believe in Islam and it became a priority in my life.”

After becoming Muslim, Henry told to people;

“I am calling for people of other religious faiths. If they are curious about Islam, they should just look around and observe the world. So, they can understand Islam.”

2011-01-11 00:00:00

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