Brazilian footballer wants to read the Quran

Brazilian footballer Andre Francisco Moritz says; “I am curious about reading the Qur’an as in Turkey everyone is Muslim.”

Andre Francisco Moritz (26) who wears uniform number 10 in the team Mersin Idmanyurdu, states that he would like to read the Qur’an in order to learn about Islam.

Moritz also tells that his family is Christian and he lives according to the morals of Christianity and admits; “The Church talks about in a different way than the Gospel does. I believe in Allah and the Prophet Jesus. When I came to Turkey, I realized that everyone is Muslim. So I would like to read the Qur’an in order to learn about Islam. Now I am reading the Gospel once again and when I finish, I will start to read the Qur’an.”

Moritz, who speaks Turkish, Spanish, English and Portuguese in a fluent way, says that his family loves Turkey very much and visits Turkey quite often. 

2012-09-22 00:54:20

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