Austrian President: Secularism does not mean irreligiousness

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Iran Itimat newspaper, 26 October 2008

Adnan Oktar: Secularism is a comfort. A great comfort for the Muslims. There is no hypocrisy where there is secularism, and that is a great blessing.  In other words, PEOPLE HONESTLY EXPRESS THEİR VİEWS, PEOPLE WITH NO RELIGION SAY THAY HAVE NO RELIGION, AND THAT IS REAL HONESTY, THEY SAY IT COMPLETELY IN THE OPEN. Hypocrisy spreads where there is no secularism. In that event even if someone has no religion he still describes himself as devout, even as having great piety, deceiving those around him as if playing a role, like an actor in a play.  Who wants that? That is something very ugly. Those with no religion are still human beings, our citizens and first-class people. That is perfectly normal. Someone may have no religion, but should say so openly. Secularism gives a person the freedom to openly state that he has no religion. In addition, it also allows Christians and Jews to live comfortably and at peace. This is very important. Freemasons are also our citizens, and Marxists are also our citizens, and they are all first-class human beings. Of course they must live freely and independently in this country, at genuine ease, and that is only possible with secularism.SECULARISM, DEMOCRASY AND ALL OTHER CONCEPTS OF THE REPUBLIC ARE ALREADY INHERENT IN ISLAM. I AM JUST DESCRIBING THE SUBJECT TO MAKE IT CLEARER TO BE UNDERSTOOD. THE DEMOCRATIC WAY OF THINKING, THE REPUBLIC AND SECULARISM ARE THE STRUCTURES DOMINANT IN THE QUR’AN. In other words, people of other religious sects are provided with freedom, compensation and mercy. There is a freedom of ideas; an understanding of the republic and the comfort and safety of the public is essential. We find all of these in the religion. We haven’t collected these ideas from ancient Greece or else. Actually the Ancient Greece or any other thought had taken all these from the True religions; either from the sources of the Christianity or the Judaism. The True religions have taught all these to the people.

Yeni Asya, 06 September 2011

Austrian President Heinz Fischer participated in the Ramadan Eid al-Fitr reception held for the first time by Austria Islamic Community. President Fischer expressed that there is a secular system in Austria that conducts politics without the introduction of religious elements; and added: “Nonethless that does not mean that no common grounds exist between the religion and the state.” 

2011-11-15 00:35:34

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