Turkey will become the health center of the Middle East

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Ekin TV, 29 December 2008

Adnan Oktar: Agriculture should be considered important. Stockbreeding should be also considered important. HEALTH AND ENERGY SECTORS ARE ALSO IMPORTANT. THESE FOUR SECTORS ARE VITAL: STOCKBREEDING, AGRIGULTURE, HEALTH AND ENERGY. THESE SECTORS SHOULD BE FULLY SUPPORTED AND PROTECTED BY THE STATE. ALSO THE SUB-INDUSTRIES INVOLVING THESE SECTORS SHOULD BE SUPPORTED AND PROTECTED. Trust in Allah and having a strong spirit of brotherhood is important. Frankly this economical crisis will not touch us in that sense. In other words, it will not touch us because of our faith, good morals and nature. But, in order to acquire welfare and power, the Turkish-Islamic Union should be established promptly.

Cay TV, 11 March 2009 


Adnan Oktar:As a nation each patient is under our responsibility. Being sick is not a fault, it is an honor and its responsibility is upon us. WHEN A PERSON IS SICK, THAT PERSON, THAT BROTHER IS UNDER OUR TRUST. HE IS UNDER THE RESPONSIBILITY OF OUR NATION. WE WILL CARE FOR HIM; WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS FOOD, DRINK, JOY, HAPPINESS, TREATMENT, EVERYTHING. MONEY SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN FROM A SICK PERSON; HE WILL GO TO THE MOST QUALIFIED HOSPITAL, a cancer patient will go to first-class hospital. He will receive the best treatment there. He will be respected, be loved, even they will remain in its beautiful-wide saloons. Religious conversations will be made, he will talk, his morale will be strong. Because you know in such conditions morale is very important.

Bugun, 12 July 2011

Turkey will become the health center of the Middle East and Asia. 22 giant hospitals will be constructed in 22 city centers across Turkey’s East and South East regions.

Prof. Dr. Recep Akdag, Turkey's Health Minister stated that, due to the improvements established in the health care sector Turkish state hospitals as well as the private health centers are visited by some 500 thousand patients coming from abroad. Turkey will have a plenty of foreign currency flow.

2011-12-03 00:32:07

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