Israelis would opt for Turkey if you ask for ''an apology'' or 'Turkey’!

What He Said?What Happened?

A9 TV; 18 September 2011

Adnan Oktar: ISRAELI PEOPLE AND TURKISH PEOPLE ARE NOT AT ODDS WITH EACH OTHER.  FAR FROM IT, THEY LOVE EACH OTHER. THEY FEEL EACH OTHER AS BROTHERS. THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR AGES. THIS IS A TRADITION FOR US. WE HAVE ALWAYS FELT COMPASSION AGAINST THEM AND WILL GO ON FEELING LIKE THAT. THEREFORE THIS CRISIS BETWEEN US IS TEMPORARY. It is inappropriate to think that this crisis will end up in fighting. There will be no fighting, no wars. On the contrary, we are living in the time of the Mahdi and King Messiah, so there will be peace and brotherhood. These arguments going on in politics are temporary. In world of politics, such crisis, such tensions are ordinary. TURKISH PEOPLE’S OVERALL OPINION IS IMPORTANT HERE. ISRAEL PEOPLE’S OVERALL OPINION IS IMPORTANT HERE. WE NEED TO EMPHASIZE THIS. YOU CAN DETECT IT BY CONDUCTING PUBLIC OPINION POLLS.

Haber Vaktim, 21 September 2011

Israelis would opt for Turkey

Ben Hartman, Jerusalem Post’s reporter, has recently been in Turkey and in his interview with Sevin Turan from Hurriyet Daily he said Israelis would opt for Turkey.

Hürriyet, 20 September 2011

Israelis would never give up Turkey when facing two options as ‘not apologizing’ or ‘giving up Turkey’


Presstürk, 21 September 2011

Ben Hartman, Tel Aviv reporter for the Jerusalem Post of Israel, said the majority of people in Israel is against an apology to Turkey. However in case Israelis faced the question, “Would you agree to apologize not to lose the friendship of Turkey?”, I do not think that you would find many Israelis who would say, “No”.

2011-12-18 19:53:26

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