100 billion dollar trade with Russia is opened up

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MPL TV Chessboard Program, 19 December 2008

Adnan Oktar: We are the elder brother of this region, we are their friends. They are all our neighbors. We lived side by side for thousands of years; hundreds of thousands of years. There is a totally artificial separation. LET THE BORDERS BE OPENED, LET THE VISAS BE LIFTED, LET US MAKE COMMERCE ABUNDANTLY, LET US EMBRACE THEM, LET JOY PREVAIL, LET US FEAST, LET ABUNDANCE, WEALTH SHAKE EVERYWHERE. Let the world see the wickedness of this treachery, egoism, selfishness. Let them emulate us.

Azerbaijan Gazete 525, 27 August 2008 


Adnan Oktar: That force (The Turkish-Islamic Union) will not be against them, and actually means further enrichment for Russia. It means further enrichment for Armenia as well. It means new plants, facilities to be established in Armenia and Russia. It means selling Azerbaijan’s petroleum and Turkey’s petroleum and mines to Russia and Armenia. Also it means that they will have more opportunities.  THEIR MARKETS WILL GROW, THEIR TRADE WILL DEVELOP AND THIS WILL REMOVE THE MILITARY RISKS.BECAUSE TURKEY HAS NO HOSTILITY TOWARD RUSSIA, BUT RATHER FRIENDSHIP. WE REGARD RUSSIA AS A FRIEND. WE REGARD IT AS A NOBLE COUNTRY. THINKING OF RUSSIA AS AN ENEMY IS THE LAST THING TURKEY WILL DO. IT HARBORS NO SUCH THOUGHTS. RUSSIA WILL THEREFORE BE DELIGHTED BY SUCH UNIFICATION. IT WILL BE IN ITS OWN FAVOR.It is important to reassure Russia. It is important not to offend or humiliate Russia. This is unsuitable. It is also ugly to push them into isolation. Some countries have a policy of isolating Russia. Pushing Russia into isolation will lead millions of innocent people living over there into isolation. This is not compatible with conscience. Russian people are noble. They are beautiful people. Why to lose them? Why are they mistreated? So it is significant to reassure them. We are a friend of Russia…

Star, 19 June 2011

100 billion dollar trade with Russia is opened up

The reference price practice has been vanished by means of a protocol signed between Turkey and Russia.  This will be a big step that leads the trading volume between the two countries to reach 100 billion dollars in five years.   The protocol aims to decrease the process of formalities and takes customs under control.

2012-01-03 12:59:42

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