EU is collapsing

What He Said?What Happened?

Cay TV, 31 January 2009

Adnan Oktar: THIS CRISIS BEGAN IN 2007. IT WILL SWALLOW THEM, SWALLOW THE WHOLE SYSTEM, UNTIL 2014. AND THEY WILL BE VERY POOR AND HELPLESS, AND WILL BEND THE KNEE AND BEG TO BE SAVED. And famine will emerge as a result… The story of Kharun in the Qur’an is happening now in the End Times. In other words, all of Kharun’s treasure is now sinking. Kharun’s treasure was very famous, as you know, and the Qur’an describes it as very great. It says his power, his economic power was very great. And these people’s economic power was very great. But they have now entered that period of famine referred to in Surah Yusuf. This period will last seven years and during this period they will mend their manners. They appreciate the Qur’an and Islam. In the end, the Turkish Islamic world will save them. 

Cay TV, 18 February 2009


Adnan Oktar: The reason of the economic crisis is again this. In their own eyes they were claiming that were very rational and had very good technical details.AS YOU SEE A FLOOD IN THE TRUE SENSE OF THE WORD HAS BEGUN AND IT CAN IN NO WAY BE CEASED. Where are their economists, professors, banks, mints, and gold stocks? Why can’t they stop? They cannot stop because they have not made investment into man. These matters can not be resolved by making investment into gold, money or buildings…The solution is to make investment into human beings. The solution lies in being distant to egoism, selfishness, beings ultimately sincere, having fear of Allah, love of Allah, an exuberant love, bond of brotherhood, being compassionate towards the poor, being more sensitive towards them. These are the solutions. Otherwise in a world where egoism and selfishness dominate if mints coin money day and night, if economists work till mornings, they cannot attain a solution. They cannot stop this flood and they cannot.THEY WILL SEE THAT THEY CANNOT STOP IT...

Milli Gazete, 15 July 2011

European Union is drifting towards a collapse 

Following Spain, Ireland, Portugal and Greece, Italy is now having tough times with its economy. EU, who has been just planning to disseize the assets of Greece, has no strategy about Italy. While the economical crisis is giving harm to the social texture, the experts have deep concerns about an ongoing crisis.

Mr. Can Baydarol, a specialist on EU says; “EU can not get through the crises by its own. It is steadily drifting away from its basic viewpoint of

interdependency. The speculators assess this situation as unreliability. EU may not overcome the crisis in the short term,  so the crisis is expected to last until 2015-2016.”

2012-01-07 17:50:51

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