Three religions met at the Hatay compassion table

What He Said?What Happened?

Azerbaijan Gazete 525, 27 August 2008

Adnan Oktar: In 1800s, there was no information, no culture, no research. We are now in the era of Internet. There are books, CDs and people’s minds are wide open. They know a lot and now we merely laugh at those enmities and consider them to be very irrational… If we approach the matters with the mind of 1800s, we can accomplish no results. THE RATIONALE OF THE 1800s WILL DISAPPEAR.WE SHOULD BY NOW ENTER THE BEAUTIFUL, LOVING, UNIFYING RATIONALE OF THE 2000s. Our age is the Golden Age. We are entering an age when the Turkish-Islamic Union will be established and the entire world will live in bliss. Those dark ages have remained in the past; those times of the cold war, the detonation of atom bombs, the extermination of millions of people, prison camps. Such a picture is infamy. We will forget this infamy. This is a shame of the past times, a sin peculiar to them. We are not of the same mind. We believe that they have gone wrong. They have made grave mistakes. 

Kral Karadeniz TV,  30 January 2009

Adnan Oktar: Turkish-Islamic world should constantly stress its good intention, love, compassion and comradeship. Especially OUR CHRISTIAN AND JEWISH BROTHERS; WE SHOULD MAKE THEM FEEL OUR DETERMINATION IN PROTECTING THEM BY BUILDING FRIENDLY RELATIONS WITH THEM. In other words, we should make them feel that we cannot think them as separate and they are our most beloved brothers… 

The Middle East Press Agency (Egypt), 6 September 2008


Adnan Oktar:The commands regarding the People of the Book are set out very clearly in the Qur’an. And the actions and Sunnah of our Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) are also very clear. The people of the book are our brothers. Armenians, Jews, the Orthodox, Protestants, the Christian world, in other words, are all our brothers. We believe in the same Allah. Allah is the same Allah in the Judaic world, the Christian world and Islam. They all have the same basic beliefs, for which reason the existence of the people of the book is a blessing. In other words, it is a great blessing that they are not irreligious or part of some other heretical movement, but are actually the people of the book. There is nothing to alarm Muslims in this; it is perfectly reasonable. Because, in the Qur’an Allah says that the People of the Book exist. They will do good things and Muslims will do good things. Living with them as brothers and sisters, having dialogues with them and eating together. A Muslim can marry a Christian or Jewish girl. In other words, they are the people whom we can share social life and rely on. When a woman becomes a man’s wife, gives birth to children and stays within the same family that means they have a strong bond of love and comradeship between each other. 

Aksam, 19 August 2011


People coming from different religions like Islam, Christianity and Judaism and Islamic schools of Sunni and Alawism share special moments, sitting altogether on the same dining table in Antakya, Hatay, Turkey the city of compassion.

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