My son is right beside our Prophet (saas) as a martyr

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Kanal 35, 25 January 2009

Adnan Oktar: Dying is a blessing. I sometimes see people crying at the funerals of martyrs. The martyrs go to heaven directly when they die. So, why do you cry?  Rather, you should rejoice and be proud. The family of a martyr receive honor and their son goes right to heaven. In the world, they won’t see the difficulty… Their son in the heaven will welcome his family. If they are the people who hope to go the heaven, they will be together forever in the heaven. What else one desire?

Thanks to Allah that a martyr’s going to heaven is guaranteed. Martyrdom is a kind of living. They directly go to hereafter. They live there in separates but they really have no idea that they are in fact martyrs. So, when the people die or martyrize one should not cry. This is something improper. Do we cry when a baby is born? But they cry when a person dies. Allah creates the birth and the death. In both cases, trust in Allah and see it as a blessing Insha’Allah.

Star, 20 August 2011


My son is right beside our Prophet (saas) as a martyr

Zaman, 05 September 2011

We go to martyrdom like we go to a feast 

The mother of the martyr Major Basayar said: “My son died a martyr and went right next to our Prophet (saas). We are firm against terrorists. The mothers will stand upright.”

2012-01-27 15:32:12

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