People who threw Molotov cocktails were sentenced to a record level punishment

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ADNAN OKTAR: …a person who lives in a stressful society faces all kinds of illnesses. For example when he gets out of his door to the street he is exposed to stones by people who throw stones to the police officers… FOR EXAMPLE SOME PEOPLE THROW MOLOTOV COCTAILS TO SOMEWHERE THAT ONE CAN NOT IMAGINE. THIS IS SOMETHING LIKE GETTING A HOME ON FIRE. IN OTHER WORDS THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO MURDER.

A9 TV, 19 DECEMBER 2011

ADNAN OKTAR: Our policemen have an origin of Anatolia. They are brave and stouthearted. How do you dare to throw stones to the policemen?... It does not differ if you fire a bullet or throw a stone? Are these people crazy? THEY SAY, “THESE PEOPLE THREW MOLOTOV COCKTAILS” THEY SAY, “IT IS SOMETHING VERY SLIGHT” BUT, A MOLOTOV COCTAIL IS A CLASSICAL BOMB. IT IS A DEADLY WEAPON. THROWING IT CANNOT BE AN INNOCENT ACT. For example somebody throws a stone of one kilogram and then say, “a child has thrown a stone”. If this stone hits someone on the head then what will happen? A stone of one kilo or one and a half kilos; this will be a bullet effect. It does not differ when you fire a bullet or throw a stone. May Allah forbid! This is tactlessness, which is unacceptable. This has nothing to do with democracy. 


Sabah Newspaper/27 February 2012

People who threw Molotov cocktails were sentenced to a record level punishment

Last year 28 people were taken into custody in an operation aimed terrorist organization’s senior organizational structure in Kurtalan, Siirt of Turkey.

Two of them were arrested as they threw Molotov cocktails and were sentenced to an imprisonment of 22 years and 8 months plus a pecuniary penalty of 4 thousand Turkish Liras.



Timeturk, 27 February 2012

2012-03-18 23:21:22

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