The Syndicate allocated its five star hotel to the earthquake disaster sufferers

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Zaman, 29 November 2011


After the earthquake disaster took place in Van, the State and non-governmental organizations used every means to help the sufferers. The Railroad-work Syndicate allocated its five star hotel to the earthquake disaster sufferers in Didim city. At the moment, the hotel hosts 100 people from Van. 


A9 TV, 15 November 2011

ADNAN OKTAR: …The weather is pretty cold. Our brothers in Van die as martyrs because of the cold weather. It is a shame. It is grimness. We ask the bus companies urgently provide buses to Van and transfer people to the neighbor cities. It can be Istanbul or Ankara as well. Everywhere is acceptable. Thanks to Allah there are lots of bus companies. Let this problem be over. Our brothers should write to us and I will continuously remind people so that we can follow up until the issue is solved.

I also told that people over there should be sent to the facilities of the state. Alhamdulillah, after I told this, they have started to put our brothers to many state facilities. Transferring these people by bus is something we have not thought before. Thanks for our brothers for reminding us. We kindly ask for the sake of Allah; LET THESE PEOPLE BE IMMEDIATELY TRANSFERRED TO THE NEIGHBOUR FACILITIES, THESE CAN BE HOTELS, TOURIST FACILITIES, MILITARY SCHOOLS OR EVEN MILITARY HEADQUARTERS. IT CAN BE ANYWHERE. LET’S TRANSFER OUR BROTHERS TO THESE PLACES. Let’s save them from the pain and distress. Whenever all precautions are taken then they can gradually return to their homes Insha’Allah. 

2012-03-21 23:52:23

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