Reciprocal investments with turkey will grow

What He Said?What Happened?

Following Adnan Oktar's call for the Turkish-Islamic world to unite, cultural and economic co-operation between Turkish and Muslim states has gathered speed.

Çay TV, 23 July 2008
Adnan Oktar: It is as natural as that. We have one faith, one language, one everything, we share the same roots, we are brothers but separated. If we were to suggest to Azerbaijan that they unite with us they would accept without thinking about it for even a day. All that is needed is for an official request to be made. We can easily unite as two states, one nation. There are no obstacles. That applies to Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan, and East Turkestan, it will make life easier for all of them, and that will also apply to the Islamic world as a result of that unification. Iraq and Syria have a great desire to amalgamate with Turkey. The whole problem is one of Turkey making it open, giving it a name, in other words. A request would be enough.

Azerbaijan State News Agency-August 14, 2008
Adnan Oktar: The most urgent task in our day is for the Turkic world to unite at once, come together and act as brother countries.  This has been delayed for far, far too long. This must happen this century. What I see as being most appropriate in the first stage is for Turkey and Azerbaijan to unite. This would seem to be the most suitable amalgamation. Then Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, East Turkestan, Tatarstan and the rest will follow, insha’Allah, but we think that this has to be resolved first.

Daily Sabah-December16, 2008

Reciprocal Investments with Turkey Will Grow

2008-12-24 19:43:26

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