The Palestinian and Turkish flags side by side

What He Said?What Happened?

Al Baghdadia TV-April 30, 2008

Adnan Oktar: We need to look for a direct solution, of course.  The solution is for the whole Islamic world to come together, the formation of a Turkish-Islamic Union under Turkish leadership, Turkey making its presence felt in the region as a super power,  for the whole Islamic world to protecting and looking out for the whole Islamic world for all its members as brothers, own brothers  and for them to be strengthened economically, for Turkey to take the whole Turkic Turkish world, almost all of whom are Muslim, under its protection and, as a regional super power, to put a complete stop to terror and anarchy. The solution is to strive to take a major progressive step reminiscent of the time of the Prophet Sulayman (as). 

Arabnews-November 9, 2008

Adnan Oktar: There is a profound love for Palestine in Turkey. Because the Palestinians are our brothers, believers, humble people and have suffered. They have suffered much. Everyone in Turkey of course supports Palestine. Everyone, right or left, is on the side of Palestine... Left to their own devices they have lived in peace and brotherhood, as in the time of our Prophet (saas). But the atheist Zionist Israeli deep state has to be opposed. The Turkish government is aware of this. The Turkish Army is aware of this. But we have no thoughts of taking on the whole Israeli people, of course.  But the only solution will come with the Turkish-Islamic Union. In that event the problem will be completely resolved. The Israeli deep state will be removed from the equation. The Masonic Israeli deep state, under Masonic management, will only lose its power with the formation of the Turkish-Islamic Union.

Denge TV-January 14, 2009

Reporter: Many questions have arrived at our web site; thank you to our viewers for their support. A viewer by the name of Osman Karataş Kıraç asks you this question: the Ottomans managed Palestine and Jerusalem with one sergeant and 10 private soldiers. Is a return to those peaceful days possible? And he wonders what you think about Sultan Abdülhamit.

Adnan Oktar: May he rest in peace. One can see what a glorious person he was from his name - Abdülhamit Khan. A heroic Ottoman sultan we are very proud of. Whom we remember with respect, may he rest in peace. Of course Israel will be literally a paradise once the Turkish-Islamic Union is founded. Jews will be able to worship as they wish in synagogues. Christians will be able to worship as they please in churches. Muslims will pray in mosques. Voices will be raised in remembrance of God, and there will be wealth, plenty and abundance. Atheist Zionists will be hamstrung and the matter will be put to rest. It is somewhere that should be like a paradise, a place of peace. It is atheist Zionists and Masons who spoil it.  This is something that will only happen with the Turkish-Islamic Union. Literally like a modern Ottoman Empire. We cannot say that everything was perfect in the Ottoman Empire, of course, and it did have its flaws.  But benefitting from the experience of the past, those errors will not be repeated. Insha’Allah, it will turn into a more modern, a more beautiful, more developed and broader Ottoman territory.

Sabah-January 31, 2009

Greetings from Gaza to the descendants
of the Ottomans/VIDEO

The number of Turkish flags carried by the crowd kept increasing along the route, and the people filling the gardens in front of the Parliament building waved the Turkish flags in their hands and held up posters of prime Minister Erdoğan. Posters of Erdoğan were also stuck up on the Parliament building.
Referring to Erdoğan's words condemning the events in Gaza, al Haya describes Erdoğan as “Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror who captured Istanbul from the Byzantines” and called on Arab leaders “to learn from Erdoğan how a leader can make history.”  Al Haya went on to describe Erdoğan as “in the line of the Ottoman sultans” and as  "Abdülhamid."

In his Friday sermon outside the Jabaliyya refugee camp mosque that had been devastated by Israeli planes, Imam Jelal bin Yusuf  Şerifi said "Prime Minister Erdoğan has caused the Islamic world to raise its head.”  

The imam of the Jabaliyya Mosque, festooned with Turkish flags, went on to say, “We call on the leaders of Arab countries to adopt Prime Minister Erdoğan as a role model.”

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