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What He Said?What Happened?

Tokat TV-July 25, 2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkey bears the spirit of Anatolia. The reason why people voted for the [governing Justice and Development Party] is not because of the AKP’s success, talents, economic strength or anything like that, BUT SOLELY BECAUSE OF ITS LOVE AND RESPECT FOR SPIRITUAL MATTERS. WHICHEVER PARTY DOES THE SAME THING IN A POWERFUL WAY WILL RECEIVE THE SAME RESULTS. FOR EXAMPLE [opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader] DENİZ BAYKAL HAS ADOPTED AN EXCELLENT ATTITUDE TO SPIRITUAL AFFAIRS AND THERE HAS BEEN AN IMMEDIATE HUGE CHANGE.  Because the nation wants to return to its essence and live by that essence. The Turkish nation may go hungry and thirsty, but will not be all that troubled by it, but the Turkish nation wish to live by spiritual matters. They want that love, security and confidence.

Karadeniz TV-December 31, 2008

Adnan Oktar:
I have seen it with great displeasure on many television programs. People unable to string two words together, with no knowledge of history or sociology and no experience of state or information about anything at all say whatever comes into their heads and lead people in that direction.  There have been very positive developments in Deniz Baykal’s attitude for a long time now. HE IS A TRUE INTELLECTUAL AND PROGRESSIVE PERSON WHO CAN FURTHER TRUE RELIGIOUS DEVOTION AND PROGRESSIVE POLICIES SIDE BY SIDE, AND THIS SIDE OF HIM IS VERY POSITIVE.  For example, he takes his grandchildren to the mosque for prayers. That is a splendid thing. That will obviously be more effective than just talking. He is sending the message "TAKE YOUR CHILDREN TO THE MOSQUE, TOO, AND ENSURE THEY BECOME RELIGIOUS INDIVIDUALS IN THE FUTURE. IMAGINE WHAT THAT CAN LEAD TO.” This is most excellent. He scrupulously abodes by our customs and the traditions of our forefathers. His respect and love for illustrious religious figures of the past is plain to see. But crude doubts as to whether this is compatible with leftist thinking are wrong. Leftism, social democracy in other words, is something commanded by the Qur’an and desired by Allah. Being a social democrat is a moral virtue. Of course we must protect and take care of the poor and provide them with social assistance. We must show them love. That is also a moral virtue. But it will be really wonderful when this goes hand in hand with religious devotion and nationalism.

Taraf-February 5, 2009


[Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader] Deniz Baykal emphasized THE ADVANTAGES OF SPREADING QUR’AN COURSES; THE QUR’AN IS THE ESSENCE OF OUR FAITH  and the sole foundation of those wishing to fight superstition. MUSLIM FAMILIES must be given the opportunity TO ENSURE THEIR CHILDREN BECOME PROPERLY ACQUAINTED WITH THE QUR’AN. 

2009-02-22 17:38:50

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