Iran calls on turkey for a common market

What He Said?What Happened?

Arabnews-November 9, 2008

Adnan Oktar:  The Islamic Union is a system that embraces all the countries of the world, that treats them with love, that regards none as enemies, but that forgives its enemies and makes friends out of them.  Such a system will therefore have no enemies. Because no country will be hostile to this system . Since it is inimical to none it will have no enemies. The Turkish-Islamic Union will be founded with the aim of bringing peace, love, brotherhood and security to the world. The infrastructure for this is now ready. All Islamic countries wants an Islamic Union. If a survey were held in Islamic countries, we would see that 95%, 99% want an Islamic Union. We would see the same thing in the Turkic states. If we held a survey asking whether they want a Turkish-Islamic Union, we would, and do, see that all the Turkic states want it. I witness that myself. The public want it. All that needs to be done is for people at the top to be convinced and encouraged. It is something that can happen at any moment. These ideas have been proposed in this climate of economic collapse. Ideas such as LET US ESTABLISH A CUSTOMS UNION, LET US ESTABLISH A COMMON CURRENCY AND LET US ESTABLISH A COMMON MARKET have quickly entered the equation. That means that the infrastructure for an Islamic Union is ready. These beliefs, these ideas will very soon be accepted. They will bear fruit in an excellent manner. Because this system regards no country as its enemy.

Tercüman-January 29, 2009

Iran calls on Turkey for a common market

Zaman-January 29, 2009

Turkey and Iran may act jointly on halal foods

2009-02-26 05:04:27

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