Never without Turkey for The Middle East

What He Said?What Happened?

Ekin TV, February 2-2009

Adnan Oktar: The fragmentation of Islamic countries, their being divided, is Israel’s greatest weapon in the world. They regard Muslims as a horde of ants and think they can easily crush them with their tanks, that they can be crushed because they are uncontrolled. And they are indeed able to stand up to them all in this state of fragmentation...  They have obtained the most important weapon... They say that when they strike a Muslim country, that country will be left on its own and nobody will support it. Because they test this out; for example, they are shedding rivers of blood in Palestine, BUT THERE IS NOT A PEEP OUT OF MUCH OF THE ISLAMIC WORLD.  THOSE PEOPLE ARE STILL MORE INTERESTED IN BUYING FOOTBALL TEAMS IN BRITAIN, TRANSFERRING PLAYERS AND THAT KIND OF THING... BUT LOOK, MUSLIM COUNTRIES ARE NEEDLESSLY AFRAID, MOST ARE SUFFERING.
If they had any courage or were rational, Allah would not inflict that suffering on them. TURKEY HAS NOW ROARED LIKE A LION. As a nation, Turks are perfectly virtuous, very clever and intelligent, well skilled in management, able to endure suffering, courageous and heroic. They are a heroic nation. THE WHOLE ARAB WORLD HAS SEEN AND CONFIRMED THAT ONLY THE TURKS CAN DISCHARGE THIS DUTY. That means that what I am saying is true. Look, these people have written songs, saying that the Arabs were all afraid, but that the Turks and Erdoğan were not afraid. He says this, and the whole Arab world listened. Nobody has said there should not be such songs or that he did not tell the truth. They say he has told the truth. THAT MEANS THAT MY CLAIM REGARDING TURKISH LEADERSHIP IS A TRUE ONE, and Allah has shown that to be so. 

Konya TV, February 29-2009

Adnan Oktar: TURKEY’S DUTY IS TO BE THE LEADER OF THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC WORLD.  The Turkish nation has a major responsibility. The leadership of the Turkish-Islamic world is one of the greatest tasks in history. It is one of the Turkish nation’s vital tasks. IN OTHER WORDS, THE TURKISH NATION HAS A RESPONSIBILITY TO SAVE, NOT JUST TURKEY, BUT THE ENTIRE TURKISH-ISLAMIC WORLD.  The Turkish nation is unlike any other.  This is not racism. The nation is very altruistic. Turks are very well-natured. They are humane and very compassionate. Go to any village as their guest. Guests are given the best place in the home. They are brought the best food, given the best beds and drink from the finest glasses. What does that mean? It means the nation is unselfish, full of love, loyal and joyous. It is very keen to lay down its life for Allah, a most fervid nation. That is why nobody harbors any intention of attacking Turkey. In that respect, Turks are very determined. They are very heroic, and have a fervid enthusiasm... In other words, they are a most heroic nation. That is why it must undertake this duty. THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC WORLD IS BEGGING FOR TURKISH LEADERSHIP OF THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC WORLD. I have spoken with almost all the Turkic states. They almost all want Turkish leadership. I speak with all leading scholars from the Islamic world and exchange information with them. They all want to see Turkish leadership, too. There is no sense in prolonging the matter. The state of Turkey, the Turkish nation, must now lead the Turkish-Islamic world.  This is a crucial task. In other words, we have a responsibility for them all.

Radikal, February 4-2009

Never with Erdogan for Israel, Never without Turkey for the Middle East…

From an article by Cengiz Çandar dated  February 4, 2009:

Bearing the title of “Prime Minister of Turkey,” THE MOMENT Tayyip Erdoğan expressed this “ugly picture” to the Israeli president, HE HAS ASSUMED THE ROLE OF “MORAL LEADER” IN THE MIDDLE EAST.  

We can see the most typical example of this in the note the great Arab poet and writer Adonis, a Nobel prize candidate, put in his diary yesterday, headed  “Turkey: A Regional Power Emerging from Hibernation.” Adonis, of Syrian, Alawite origins, is known for his anti-Islamist views, and now lives in Beirut as a Lebanese citizen after having lived in Paris for many years. He included these lines in his diary yesterday:  “Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan is without doubt the most powerful leader to condemn the Zionist state over the genocide in Gaza. Under Erdoğan’s administration, TURKEY IS IN A MUCH MORE POWERFUL POSITION THAN ALL OF EUROPE IN TERMS OF ESTABLISHING PEACE, STABILITY AND SOLUTIONS BASED ON JUSTICE IN THE NEAR EAST. Turkey is a sufficiently independent nation and ran the whole of the Middle East for 400 years. Turkey has awoken from a long hibernation and has decided to be the main center of power in the region... Supposedly ‘moderate’ Arab states such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia have given in out of fear and find themselves confronted by a new, invigorated Turkey’s unexpected initiatives...”

Hasan Nafai, an Egyptian political scientist, set out the following emotions confirming this impression in “El-Masri el-Yewm” (Egypt Today):  “After watching this exciting scene, I could not help comparing the attitude of leaders such as Erdoğan with that of Arab leaders had they been in the same position.  It did not take long to realize there would be a vast difference between the two. Such a comparison would not work in favor of our leaders. The reason is obvious; our leaders believe in nothing else but the lust for clinging onto power and making money by illegal means.”

2009-03-29 20:31:17

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