The Islamic Peace Force Must be Established

What He Said?What Happened?

A9 TV, November 15th, 2012

Israel continues to hit Gaza. The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said that the army is ready to expand its operations in Gaza and the attacks will proceed. America, on the other hand, made a statement about the issue and said, “We support Israel’s right to self-defense.” This morning a missile attack was carried out by Palestine to the south of Israel and three Israelis lost their lives.

ADNAN OKTAR: I don’t understand what Palestine is doing. What is the need for that? Missile attacks! Let’s say that you have launched it and killed 50 people. What will be your benefit? Besides, at which target are you launching it? The target is not precise. They constantly shoot at Israel with Sham rockets and in this case they strike women and children. In return the Israelis say, “We have the right to defend ourselves.” Then they shoot one another in turn. As long as Muhammad Mahdi (pbuh) does not appear, this pain will go on. Those people in Palestine; we look and see that they do not talk about the Unity of Islam. They do not mention Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Of course there are many who talk, but a great majority do not mention it. They consider war as a game, as a toy. We ask, “What do you do?” They say, “We carry out a struggle.” Is such a struggle acceptable? A struggle is carried out by love, brotherhood and peace. What will you do? What has to be done is the Unity of Islam. Uniting all Muslims. Then Israel will attain that bliss that she has been waiting for for 3,000 years. Peace, quiet and order will be established in the entire region. Trade, arts, science expand. Democracy is secured in the real sense of the word. Foreign threats are eliminated entirely. They live very well in love, brotherhood and peace.

A9 TV, November 16th, 2012

Upon Turkey’s condemnation of Israel, the Israeli Embassy in Ankara made the following statement: “Since the beginning of 2012, Hamas has launched more than 800 rockets into Israel. More than 200 of these rockets were launched last week, and more than 150 of them were launched within 24 hours. Pupils can not go to their schools, because a rocket is launched every 20 minutes. The purpose of the operations is to eliminate the rocket threat targeting civilians. No country would allow their nation to be subjected to such terrorist attacks.” And recently a great blast happened in Tel Aviv.

ADNAN OKTAR: In Palestine, they should ask for the Unity of Islam on both sides to eliminate this scourge. Otherwise, it seems that this corruption, this scourge will never come to an end. The satan has entered the equation. He sets brothers against one another. They are the sons of the same prophets. By the will of Allah, the region will be refined  when Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) appears, insha’Allah. 

We do not hear the Unity of Islam in Palestine. Let’s hear it once. Otherwise Allah does not give any blessings. They need to call on  Allah and say, “My Lord, let us see Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Honor us with seeing Prophet Jesus (pbuh).” They need to desire the the Unity of Islam. “Let’s save Palestine and we can feel at ease”; that is not the case. Allah does not grant ease to you. He will in no way grant you ease, let me say that. Let’s say that Palestine will be saved; very well, but what will happen to Afghanistan, to Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria? What will happen to Libya? If you say, “This is none of our business”, then scourges will fall on you. 


Habervaktim, November 19th, 2012

Yaşar Canbay, the Vice President of the Eskişehir Provincial Organization of the Saadet (Political) Party said, “The way to stop Israel is the following; the Islamic world and everyone in the world who are against persecution must stand up. As the Saadet Party, from the beginning we have been saying that Turkey must be intermediary. We have been advocating forming an Islamic peace force in the region, and being against  foreign interventions.”, 19 Kasım 2012

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