The Presidency Of Religious Affairs Is In Djemevı For The First Time

What He Said?What Happened?

Kütahya Destan TV,  August 5th, 2008

Adnan Oktar: Let us strengthen the bond of brotherhood. No matter if one is a rightist or a leftist, an Alevi or a Sunni, we all are brothers. We are all the children of this homeland. Allah might have given each of us a different specialty, that is a creation of Allah. That does not necessitate our being against each other. Let us live in our beautiful homeland with love and in peace and in brotherhood. This is the most beautiful land of the world we have, very beautiful, very fertile soil. 

Adana CRT TV,  September 30th, 2008

Adnan Oktar: Rightist or leftist, ALEVI, KURDISH, LAZ, CIRCASSIAN, SUNNI; NO MATTER WHAT, WE ARE ALL BROTHERS, WE ARE ALL THE SERVANTS OF ALLAH. Allah has shown each of us a way, we will feel respect for everyone's ideas but unity and solidarity is essential.  Those who love Allah, those who act in the path of Allah  will of course strive for this homeland to be better and to be more beautiful and they will continue these efforts. In the Turkish Islamic Union, Turkey will, insha'Allah, continue successfully in prosperity. 

Cem TV,  July 20th, 2008

Adnan Oktar: The people of our country, Turkey, are full of love.  They take an amazing pleasure from love, friendship and brotherhood. Yet lovelessness prevails in some. I mean some of them are very much open to fighting, open to suspicion, they are in such a mindset that they almost say, "Oh, that serves you right!" We should pull ourselves together instantly. WE ARE ALL BROTHERS, WE ARE LIVING IN A VERY BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY. I MEAN THIS IS AN AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY, LET US HANG ON TO EACH OTHER WITH TIES OF LOVE, LET US BE CLAMPED TOGETHER WITH TIES OF FRIENDSHIP. IT DOES NOT MATTER; WE MIGHT BE RIGHTISTS, WE MIGHT BE LEFTISTS, ESPECIALLY DISCRIMINATION  BETWEEN ALEVIS AND SUNNIS IS A COMPLETE DISGRACE. This hatred and rage that has been created here, whoever is doing that is in err. That is indescribable. That is because we have One Allah, one Book, one Prophet, one Qibla; I mean such  discrimination is unbelievable.  But even if someone is an atheist, that means Allah has created him like that, and there is a good in that creation; I mean Allah is the One Who guides to the true path, Allah says that He did not lead them to the right path for some people and that He led them to the right path for some others. That is the discretion of Allah. And that person stands up and says honestly that he does not believe. Nothing's wrong about their saying that, that is also in the Qur'an, Allah says that He will create such people, we will draw a lesson from that and try to save that brother of ours. We would see that person as our brother as well. We strive for his goodness. Consequently there is no need for hatred and rage and conflicts. In summation, we need to strengthen our friendship and ties of love towards each other.   

Ekin TV,  February 16th,  2009

Adnan Oktar: We have silenced those who try to cause dissension by creating discrimination  between Alevis and Sunnis. I mean we have silenced them, they have now stopped and cannot speak out anymore from now on.  FIRST OF ALL, ALEVIS AND SUNNIS ARE BROTHERS. KURDS AND TURKS ARE BROTHERS. WE HAVE NO RACIAL DISCRIMINATION, NO DISCRIMINATION IN RELIGIOUS ORDERS, WE ARE  ONE, LIKE BUILDINGS WELDED IN CEMENT, WE WILL, INSHA'ALLAH, FOLLOW THIS RIGHTEOUS CAUSE FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE TURKISH ISLAMIC UNION UNTIL THE VERY END. That is in  destiny, I mean no one can prevent that. The disturbances of those people who attempt to cause dissension have all turned back against them. Allah has turned it against them, no one would be deceived by that plot anymore. They will never be able to disintegrate the Turkish nation, and these developments show us that our people will not be separated. That is a manner of thinking of the past. From now on, we will, insha'Allah, continue to take firm steps ahead. Spoiling  such games by being in unity and solidarity is such a distinct pleasure, such a distinct blessing. Alevis and Sunnis are radiant people. Shia are radiant people. Wahhabis are radiant people. Under the leadership of the Turkish nation, under the leadership of good mannered people, the good mannered people of the Islamic World will come together, and we will establish a beautiful Turkish Islamic Union with love and sincerity, insha'Allah. 



Sabah , May 28th, 2011

The President of Religious Affairs of the Turkish Republic, Mr. Mehmet Görmez,  brought something new to the history of Republic by visiting Erikli Baba Djemevi in Zeytinburnu. Görmez said; "Brothers, I've come here to eat your doughnuts. That is something that should be done all the time. I am sorry if there has been a delay in this." 

Tarhan, the chairman of  the Erikli Baba Culture Association and Djemevi said; "This visit has created a very important memory in respect of the relationship in between Alevis and the state."

Star , May 28th, 2011

Türkiye , May 28th, 2011

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