Turkey is the World's second fastest growing economy


Türkiye / 3 April 3rd, 2012

Turkey, which realized 5.4% growth in the last quarter of  last year, was the world's second fastest growing country with 8.5 percent growth for the entire year, following China .





Çay TV,  July 23rd, 2008 

Adnan Oktar: Let everyone believe in this sincerely; TURKEY IS REALLY CHANGING FOR THE BETTER AND WE REALLY ARE GOING TO BE A SUPER STATE.  Turkey will become a great country to the extent that it has never been before in the past. It will, insha'Allah, be the leader of the Islamic World. We are in the start- up phase of this historical mission.  And the Turkish nation is a nation that will save the whole world from anarchy, terror, sufferings, troubles and all sorts of pain. They really are a very noble, decent people that has been shaped by torment and pain and they have a spirit that is intended to rule the world, to be beneficial for the world.  It appears that Allah has given that mission to this nation, insha'Allah. We will see that in the very near future, insha'Allah. 


2013-02-08 22:15:02

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