The Areas Around The Hospitals Will Be Improved And Made Beautiful

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A9 TV, September 1st,2012

Adnan Oktar: Hospital rooms are very small. The government should do something about them, they should not keep the patients in small rooms. How could you keep a patient in a small room? PSYCHOLOGIC RELIEF IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR THE WELFARE OF THE PATIENTS. Those rooms look like coffins. A bed like a coffin, a room like a coffin. The rooms must be very spacious, enough room for the patient’s family, friends, enough room for tables, chairs, so that he can have guests.   ALSO OUTSIDE THE WINDOW, THERE HAS TO BE A VERY GOOD VIEW, THE WINDOWS SHOULD LOOK OUT ON A BEAUTIFUL VIEW. BUT MANY HOSPITALS ARE NOW BUILT VERY CLOSE TO OTHER BUILDINGS, ALMOST TOUCHING EACH OTHER. THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD NATIONALIZE THE BUILDINGS AROUND THE HOSPITALS, THERE SHOULD BE BIG SPACES WITH POOLS, AND EVERYTHING. THE ROOMS SHOULD BE VERY SPACIOUS.  A room should be at least 30 square meters. The patients should be able to welcome their beloved ones in there and he has to be able to get up and walk freely in the room. They should have big, tall windows . These small rooms, they are incredibly small, with bad lighting, low ceilings, small beds. The patients can barely move in the bed. May Allah forbid, even a healthy person could get sick under those conditions. A healthy man wouldn’t be able to handle that. May Allah forbid, and then they hook up oxygen, making the situation even worse for the patient’s welfare in such bad conditions. At least, a beautiful spacious room would help, he would have his beloved ones, he would feel happy.  And if you top that with a good view, you will help him psychologically. The ventilation must be very efficient, the space inside the room must be very clean. But currently in hospital rooms, the situation is so bad, for example they hadn’t opened the windows for the past four years, then they open it and it’s all dust everywhere, with spider webs and all. It shouldn’t be that way. Currently, the view outside is of concrete or buses. It shouldn’t be that way. It should be opened and look down upon a beautiful view. Every hospital should be supported in that way. I've heard that in emergency rooms, they don’t charge now. May Allah be pleased with the government, that’s very good. BUT THIS HAS TO BE DONE WITH THE HOSPITALS. THE OWNERS OF THE BUILDINGS AROUND THE HOSPITALS SHOULD BE MATURE ABOUT IT, AND ALLOW NATIONALIZATION. THERE MUST BE A CLEARANCE OF A MINIMUM OF 200 METERS BETWEEN THE HOSPITALS AND THE BUILDINGS AROUND THEM. LET THERE BE PINE TREES, CLEAN AIR. LET THERE BE ENOUGH ROOM FOR THE PATIENT’S BELOVED ONES TO COME AND SEE HIM, LET US PROVIDE PEACE. I’m sure they will welcome such an offer. We would be very glad if they could oblige in the short term or the long term but of course it would be better if they could do it soon. ", October 6th, 2012

Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan, during the opening of a hospital, gave the good news that surroundings of the hospitals will be improved. 

"Yesterday in Esenler we started the urban transformation project. Medipol hospital is here, it is a modern project, but the vicinity is not good at all.  The Mayor of Bağcılar  and the Mayor of Istanbul  are here. We should completely renew this place, starting first with the government buildings, bringing down and rebuilding them and then talk with the homeowners and include their buildings in the urban transformation project, as well. The place should change in a maximum of two years. 50% of it will be greenery, the rest will be buildings. But the buildings as they are now, they don't look  so good. We have to get rid of them. My citizens deserve better.” 

2013-02-10 00:35:35

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