It’s the start of a new era, not doomsday

What He Said?What Happened?

Kral Karadeniz and Adıyaman Asu TV, December 7th, 2009

ADNAN OKTAR: The Mayan calendar points out  the end of the times, and the exact year is 2012. It is in the prophecies of Nostradamus as well. They talk about a young man, with wavy hair and beard. They say he will emerge from the Middle East and reign over the whole region according to Nostradamus.

He gave a detailed account, and the dates he gives are consistent with the dates given by the Mayans, the year 2012. It is also consistent with the date given by Bediuzzaman. Indeed, 2011 is a year that Bediuzzaman gives, because it is also a very vital year. 2011-2012. THE MAYANS SAY THAT THERE WILL BE A DAY OF RISING IN 2012, IT IS TRUE BUT IT WILL BE SPIRITUAL, NOT PHYSICAL. IN OTHER WORDS THE SOULS, THE MINDS WILL RISE, WAKE UP.   THE RISING DAY IN 2012 IS THE RISING DAY OF THE MINDS, THE SOULS. IN OTHER WORDS PEOPLE WILL START TO SEE CLEARLY, THEIR EYES WILL BE OPENED, THE VEILS OF BLINDNESS  WILL BE LIFTED OFF, THEIR SIGHT WILL BE SHARPER.

Samsun Aks Tv, December 23rd, 2010

ADNAN OKTAR: Incredible things will happen in 2012, but do you see the reflections of the Mahdi system? It is seen in various ways, as lights in the world.  Another person could read this another way, but everyone sees that something will happen. Everyone knows that something extraordinary is up. Some say it is going to be  doomsday, another one says something else. Some say ‘All the electronic systems will shut down’, etc., but Allah makes them feel that.  SURELY SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN IN 2012, THEY WILL SEE IT WHEN IT HAPPENS. THIS IS ABOUT THE MAHDI SYSTEM, ABOUT THE RETURN OF PROPHET JESUS (PBUH). MANY THINGS WILL HAPPEN.





Akşam / December 3rd, 2011



Sven Gronemeyer, an Austrian scientist from  La Trobe Univesity, said that the prophecy on the Mayan tablets about  the 21st of December 2012, was misunderstood and that the tablets are not talking about  doomsday, but the start of a new era. 


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