Mr. Davutoglu: Turkey has never committed racial segregation

What He Said?What Happened?


Adana CRT TV,  September 30th, 2008

Adnan Oktar: WE ARE ALL SERVANTS OF ALLAH, WE ARE ALL BROTHERS, REGARDLESS OF rightist or leftist, ALAWI, KURDISH, LAZ, CIRCASSIAN, SUNNI, it does not matter. Allah showed us the path. We will respect everyone’s opinion, but unity and solidarity are essential.

Irak An Anbar TV,  September 21st, 2008

Adnan Oktar: These will make us  tight-knit. We are moving towards a joyful, beautiful wedding that will strengthen our bonds of brotherhood,  insha’Allah. These are signs that Mahdi’s appearance is a matter of time. The return of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is also a matter of time. It will be a beautiful collaboration. My Sunni and Shi'a brothers should strengthen their brotherhood and form a very beautiful bond. Jaffaris are very devoted people. Sunnis are very devoted. Alawis are very devoted. Arabs are our dear brothers and sisters. They are the lineage of the Prophet (saas). The Kurds are our brothers.

Ekin TV,  February 16th, 2009

Adnan Oktar: We stopped those who wanted to cause a conflict and corruption among Alawis and Sunnis. We clapped their tongues and they are now silent; they cannot speak from now on. Alawis and Sunnis are brothers. Kurds and Turks are brothers. THERE IS NO DISCRIMINATION OF RACE OR SECTS AMONG US. WE WILL COMPLETE THE BUILDING  OF THE TURKISH -ISLAMIC UNION TOGETHER LIKE A WELL-BUILT WALL, INSHA’ALLAH. This is faith. No one can stop this.





5 February 2013, Enson Haber


Following Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki’s explanation, “Turkey is the cause of all problems in the region”, Foreign Minister Davudoglu responded as such:

 “We would like to remind Mr. Maliki of this; Eastern Turkey is actually very valuable. It is for his benefit that he comprehends this. But no matter what he says, he cannot hurt our friendship with the Iraqi people. From Erbil to Basra, from Musul to Diyala, from Anbar to Necef, the suffering of our brothers in every corner is our suffering. No one can come between us. Turkey has never discriminated regarding Sunni, Shiah, Kurd or Arab.”

2013-02-18 21:37:42

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