Serdar Turgut writes: We owe Atatürk our democratic environment.

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A9 TV,  October 29th, 2012




Ataturk is a Muslim who is a role model to everyone with his elegance and delicate style. If he were not like this, would we be here like this? The fanatics still growl. What would happen if they found the opportunity? However, some people are coming out against him. You are walking around with neckties, jackets, shirts and trousers. With such a style the fanatics would destroy you. Are you wearing a necktie? No way. We have a debt of gratitude to Ataturk. Thanks to Allah that He sent Ataturk to us. You live freely. We can openly speak of Islam and express our standing against fanaticism. If not , would it be possible to express our opposition to fanaticism? Due to a fanatics mentality, a man not performing prayers would be exposed to the death penalty. That is horrible and if you criticize this you will die. If you fell into the hands of a fanatic, he would kill you. What would we do if Ataturk did not exist? Ataturk is a role model for Islamic world. Ataturk provided great help to all of them. That is the reason why all Islamic countries admire Turkey.  February 2nd, 2013, A9 TV

Adnan Oktar: Being a Kemalist is a comfort for us in living a Muslim life. Kemalism means that you live a free life like the Companions of our Prophet (saas) did. Look, if we weren’t Kemalists, the ladies could not feel comfortable in this style. We would never gain this freedom in any other kind of system. The Nur students also would not feel comfortable. Fethullah Gulen’s students would not feel comfortable. Ultra modern young people study via computers, study in universities, wear jeans, shave, and wear neckties. Therefore being a Kemalist is a comfort




1 February 2013, Haber Türk


Serdary Turgut posted an article titled  “I THANK TO ATATURK WHEN I SEE EGYPT”. He mentioned that we owe Atatürk for our comfortable lives.

“While Islamic countries face bloodshed and tears, in Turkey, where the Muslim population consists of over  90 % of the public, we enjoy great comfort. We think this is normal, but the comfortable and democratic environment that we are living in is what we owe to Ataturk. People who criticize Ataturk ignore this fact, but if Ataturk surrendered to the conditions of his time, today Turkey would be worse off than Egypt. Our Muslim people need to evaluate Ataturk in scope of this fact.”

2013-02-19 22:03:29
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