Orhan Miroglu praises Mr. Erdogan

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A9 TV,  December 1st, 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: This is not just paying a compliment; I am sincerely saying that there is no other leader other than Mr. Erdogan in Turkey except Ataturk. This is the truth. He doesn’t boast of, he is humble. When technically reviewed, you see that there is no other prime minister like him through the history of the Turkish Republic. He comprehends the triangulation points, the points of excitement and spirituality of our nation very well. There has been no other person who has applied this kind of style, masha'Allah. 


A9 TV,  December 7th, 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: Our Prime Minister is humble; he is really an Anatolian young man. He does everything for the good of people. He does his best and actually all these are defined in his destiny created by Allah. If he were reborn, he would perform the same duties. My sincere thought is that he is the best prime minister in the history of the Turkish Republic.




29 January 2013, Gazeteciler


Miroglu praised Mr. Erdogan

About Prime Minister Erdogan, Mr, Orhan Miroglu, an author and politician of Kurdish origin,  stated: 

 “Mr. Erdogan is a leader whom Turks and Kurds can rely on to follow. There is no other leader through the history of the Turkish Republic who has developed emotional relations, established empathy with the Kurdish people. What is significant here is people of different parts standing behind him and relying on him. For example, I can not say the same words for Ocalan or other Kurdish leaders in Turkey.”  

2013-02-19 22:16:50

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