The wife of a martyr: “I promised you I would not cry. So, I am not crying.”

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Kanal 35,  January 25th, 2009

Adnan Oktar: Dying is a blessing. I sometimes see people crying at the funerals of martyrs. The martyrs go to heaven directly when they die. So, why do you cry?  Rather, you should rejoice and be proud. The family of a martyr receives honor and their son goes right to heaven. In the world, they won’t see the difficulty. Their son in  heaven will welcome his family. If they are  people who hope to go  heaven, they will be together forever in  heaven. What else one desire? Thanks to Allah that a martyr’s going to heaven is guaranteed. Martyrdom is a kind of living. They directly go to the hereafter. They live there  separately but they really have no idea that they are in fact martyrs. So, when the people die or are martyred one should not cry. This is something improper. Do we cry when a baby is born? But they cry when a person dies. Allah creates  birth and  death. In both cases, trust in Allah and see it as a blessing, Insha’Allah. 




Zaman,  April 12th, 2012


As an explosion occurred near  Cigdemlik village in Amasya, Osman Canturk Gol, a command Sergeant Major, was martyred. His wife participated in the funeral with her four year old daughter, hugged the coffin and said, “I promised you I would not  cry. So I am not crying.” 


Zaman /  April 14th, 2012


Bayram Tekin, specialized Sergeant, was martyred in Uludere village of Sirnak. His wife told said the specialized Sergeant was martyred while fighting and said, “My husband left behind a son who is like a lion. I am standing proud and not crying. I wish my country to be alive.” 

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