Turkish Stars present an airshow in Southeast.

What He Said?What Happened?

 January 20th, 2013, A9 TV

Adnan Oktar: In brief, we need to treat our brothers living in the Southeast with great respect. They are noble. People who do not know this fact actually  have no idea about them. Southeast people are kind, noble, and honorable.                                                      

If you offer them some food or some clothes, they do not accept it. They may take them if you insist on it firmly. Therefore, these presents need to go to the Southeast in a covert way without offending our brothers. I insistently request this from my brothers. If you could send shoes, socks, underwear clothes and chocolate bars or biscuits to the children, it will be very good. A biscuit is very important for a child. This may be trivial to us, however it is precious to them. So, let’s show them love and respect for the sake of the love of Allah.   August 9th, 2012, A9 TV

Adnan Oktar:  A game goes on. The senior people also think this is reasonable.  But, these immoral people secretly talk about this. Not approving the people living in the homeland, hating them and  not approving of the homeland is immoral. This is one of the reasons lying behind matters. Against these kind of dishonest and immoral behaviors, we need to look after our citizens living in the Southeast, we need to feel more love and show them how much we value and respect them.

A9 TV,  August 4th, 2012

Adnan Oktar: In the Southeast, the PKK shows love to the people. In other words, for the sake of citizenship they say, “We protect you”, “Do you need bread?”, “We will protect your honor and prevent you from being denigrated.” Of course there are some immoral people who try to denigrate these people. There is a love of war.  If we show more love to our brothers, the issue will be over. Showing love is the issue. If you talk pedantically to them like, “You see, your masters are here” it will be bad. However if you say, “Your servants are here, we are your brothers at your service, you are Muslims and Selahaddin Eyyubi and Bediuzzaman entrusted you to us”, then the PKK can obtain no results. So, love is the real issue. 



8 February 2013, Enson Haber

In the Southeast provinces where internal security operations are ongoing, the Turkish Stars flight crew plans to make air shows. Besides, for the first time the Turkish Air Force plans to organize a trip to the air base in Ankara for the kids living in the Southeast Anatolia. The General Staff announced that a work will be carried out for the children incited against the security forces during the protests in the region with the purpose of instilling love for the security forces.  

2013-02-25 21:49:33

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