Egemen Bagis visited Mahmut Efendi, the leader of the Ismail Aga sect



March 04th 2013, Aktif Haber


Minister for EU Affairs & Chief Negotiator Egemen Bagis paid a visit to Mahmut Efendi,   the leader of the Ismail Aga sect. Mr. Bagis kissed his hands and said, “May Allah bless us with you. May Allah bestow you more strength. Please pray for us.”



January 08th, 2013: A9 TV

Adnan Oktar: It is not proper to approach the sects in a doubtful manner . Sharpness is always cold. Therefore, approaching all walks of life in an affection of faith is the best one.


March 09th, 2013: A9 TV

Adnan Oktar: My Master Tayyip Erdogan protects religious people and sects. That is because of his love, his affection towards them. The success behind the government is his affection and support towards the different sects. This brings abundance to him and the government. His promoting an affectionate manner towards the way of the Mahdi and Islamic Union, and moreover his submission to Allah and the Qur’an, causes success.


Kackar Tv , January 18th, 2011

ADNAN OKTAR:  Furthermore, Muslims should be full of love towards each other. They should look out for each other and ask after each other. Every sect, every community, every gathering should encourage this. I mean the separations and the discriminations should be removed. Some members of communities are very aloof towards Muslims. They are very aloof towards each other. I mean there are no dialogues, no communication between themselves. This should be resolved. I mean if you do not accept the Unity of Islam, at least accept loving Muslims. You do not accept that either. Then what would you be doing in Paradise, how will you manage there? Paradise is full of Muslims. Are you going to be in groups there as well? Are you going to be forming little communities there as well? Right? Since there will not be separate communities there, since Muslims will be one community, one group, in  Paradise, the ideal thing accepted by Allah is this; this is the one approved by Allah, this model in the Paradise. All Muslims are one, one group of brothers and everyone loves each other very much. Everyone knows each other. They go to each other's tables, they talk to each other and they become friends with each other. This should be the same in this world as well. Muslims should definitely be very fond of each other and they should be full of love towards each other. They should be asking after each other's health. They could be in Pakistan, in India, it doesn't matter. They can be in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria. They should be people who are in connection with each other, Insha’Allah.


Kütahya Destan TV, August 05th, 2008

ADNAN OKTAR: LET US STRENGTHEN THE BOND OF BROTHERHOOD. No matter if one is a rightist or a leftist, an Alevi or a Sunni, we all are brothers. We are all the children of this homeland. Allah might have given each of us a different specialty; that is a creation of Allah. That does not necessitate our being against each other. Let us live in our beautiful homeland with love and in peace and in brotherhood. This is the most beautiful land of the world we have, very beautiful, very fertile soil. 


January 29th, 2013: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR:   I especially emphasize that a statement addressing the sects in a loving and respectful manner will bring abundance. Otherwise, there will be misfortune. 


2013-03-29 22:06:05

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