Ali Karahasanoglu: Marxist PKK turns to Islam

What He Said?What Happened?


March 21st, 2013: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: We are interested in Allah, we are interested in the Qur'an and we are interested in the Unity of Islam. Allah controls the entire world. If we remain to be good, those who are wicked can not do any harm to us. But from this letter of Abdullah Ocalan, it is obvious that Allah guides him. Everything turns out  in favor of Islam and the Qur'an.

As I see it, Abdullah Öcalan has not liked the outlook of Marxism. He has seen the deadlock of communism and its wickedness. He has also seen the beauty of Islam and the enlightened understanding of the system of Mahdi. This is what I have observed. Our people, our beloved ones in the South East of Anatolia  are lovers of Hazrat Mahdi (as). They are all in love with our Prophet (saas). Once the name of our Prophet (saas) is mentioned, they immediately say, “Allahumma salli ala Muhammedin”. They burst into tears. Once they see his beard, they burst into joy.

Abdullah Öcalan is a poor servant of Allah and the PKK is made up of wretched servants of Allah; all power belongs to Allah. If Allah orders the PKK to remain silent, they will be silent. If Allah orders Öcalan to talk in a particular way, he talks in that way. He can’t do otherwise. Whatever Allah desires, it happens. Nothing contrary can ever happen.

February 27th, 2013: A9 TV

PRESENTER: It is stated that Öcalan read a section from Prophet Muhammad’s Farewell Sermon and said to Altan Tan, a member of the BDP committee, “We have not attached due attention to Muslims so far. They misguided us about Islam. I do not look at Islam as the Turkish left does.”

ADNAN OKTAR: This is fine, that is very good. These are really very good. Democracy is good, respect to people is beautiful. Racism is evil, sectarianism is wicked; condemning people because of their sect, because of their belief is wicked. These words are beautiful, “They misguided us about Islam.What does it mean? He says that traditional Islam is distinct from true Islam. What is it, true Islam? The religion as is lived by the Companions of our Prophet (saas). What is it? The Islam that we are preaching. This is what is meant here. This is the reason for the change we are seeing, insha’Allah. His words about Islam are beautiful. These will be auspicious for him. They will be in favor of him. Beautiful. These are the kind of statements that we expect.

Abdullah Öcalan’s mentioning of our Prophet (saas) is a very unexpected act, a very improbable attitude. Ultimately we will see beautiful days. Muslims will go to paradise. There will be so many Muslims, a great part of the world will embrace Islam. Then the entire world will be Muslim with Prophet Jesus (as) being instrumental in that, insha’Allah. 



21 March 2013, Yeni Akit


Ali Karahasanoglu of the Yeni Akit newspaper said the following about Abdullah Ocalan’s message:                                                                                                       

Until recently, the PKK's statements always mentioned Marx, Lenin and Stalin. Now they are saying  ‘Thanks to Allah’, and even Abdullah Öcalan, the leader of the terrorists, speaks of “Islam”, “Prophet Moses (as)”, “Prophet Jesus (as)” and Prophet Muhammad (as) in his message of yesterday. It seems that they have abandoned the microbe of atheism at least as an expression and renounced the Marxist literature

2013-04-27 10:34:13

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