Freedom of Expression serves the purpose for expressing one’s views, not cursing

What He Said?What Happened?

A9 TV: April 21st, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: They assume that we are against opinions, thoughts, philosophy. One can advocate any idea he wishes with manners and gentleness. Nobody says anything to you. For instance, Allah is beyond that, “I do not believe in Allah.” Or one can say, Allah is beyond that, “I do not believe in our Prophet (saas).” They can say whatever they wish but they should not insult others. This is not acceptable in any European country. Defamation is not acceptable,but  they can express their views as they wish. The works of Karl Marx are being sold. In his book, Karl Marx says at length that he does not believe in Allah. He says,  “I do not believe in Allah.” “I do not believe in morality.” This is an idea, this is a belief, this is a philosophy. You can talk as you wish. There are Marxist websites everywhere.

If a person does not know the difference between defamation and philosophy, the law will teach it to him. For instance, in England the BBC never allows insults. In Europe, The European Court of Human Rights is very meticulous about this issue; there are so many decisions made about it. There are so many judicial opinions on this issue. This is something applied all over Turkey. websites everywhere.



25 May 2013, Hürriyet

Ahmet Hakan wrote that Sevan Nishanyan pressed charges against a reader because he defamed him on Twitter  and he received material compensation for that. Ahmet Hakan made the following comment:

“Well done, Sevan:You run to the courts to press charges in order to maintain your prestige and meanwhile the freedom of speech does not occur to your mind. But you know to cry out for ‘freedom of speech’ over the punishment you received when you insulted our Prophet (saas).” 

2013-06-16 12:42:34

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