Health care at home for 105,000 patients

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Başkent TV,  March 6th, 2009

Adnan Oktar: The state must do this, and the public must demand it. Let us propose it. A draft bill must be produced, and the patient can be treated very wellThey must be made welcome as soon as they arrive, asked about their health problems, put at  ease and sent away again with drugs provided free of charge. The whole Turkish nation has a responsibility toward the sick. We all have a responsibility toward the sick. One cannot tell the sick to go and fend for themselves, can one? You cannot tell them to sell their homes or cars, can you? That person is already in need and in a terrible state. He is unable to stand up, then you add insult to injury by demanding that he sell his home or car. That is like punishing him for becoming ill. We have a duty to compensate and care for people when they are sick because we then earn great merit by undergoing such a test, insha’Allah, and helping that person in the course of the test. So the sick must not be asked for money. They should be given money. Means should be made available and arrangements should be made for them to go home. For example, may Allah forbid, someone may be paralyzed or unable to stand. He brings a special car in from abroad. Why should he need to do that? We should have a ready supply of these cars in stock, and he should be given one of those and put at  ease like that.

Çay TV,  March 11th, 2009

Adnan Oktar: We  have a responsibility as a nation for all sick people. Being sick is not a crime. It is a matter of honor, and we all have a responsibility toward the sick. When someone is sick, that brother is entrusted to us, as a nation. We must look after him, and we are responsible for his food and drink, his comfort, his happiness, his treatment and everything. The sick should not have to pay. A cancer patient must be able to go to the finest, first-class hospital; he must receive the very best treatment there, and be treated with respect and affection. Religious conversation must be provided. He must be talked to, and his morale must be kept high because morale is very important in diseases of that kind, as you know. You cannot make him sell his home and car and take all the money he has in the bank. You put him in debt and then treat him. Whether he accepts treatment is another matter, but what you are doing is adding insult to injury. That prevents the patient being shown love and affection and also ruins him financially. The sick cannot be asked for money; we must adopt this as a national moral virtue. Such a thing is totally unacceptable.



Daily Türkiye, December 14th, 2011

The Ministry of Health Therapeutic Services Directorate has announced that health care services will be provided at home for 105,000 bedridden patients. Responding to questions from an AA reporter, Orhan Koç said that health care at home had been provided for about a year in Turkey. Koç also said that these services were available in all 81 provinces, and continued:

''We visit our patients not just in city centers, but way out in rural areas. We have mobile teams in our provincial health directorates and also relevant units in our hospitals. We provide this service with help from our family doctors. There are currently 105,000 patients receiving health care services at home. We organize all their health services. When they need to go to hospital, we collect them from home with our own vehicles. We monitor what happens in hospital, admit them if they need to be admitted or take them back home with our own vehicles and put them to bed. We meet all our patient’s medical health equipment needs. We produce all requisite reports from the bedside so the patient does not need to go to hospital. We provide all services that can possibly be given at home.''

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