Military victims of terror to be given ranks

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Live Conversation on Çay TV,  March 11th, 2009

ADNAN OKTAR: OUR INJURED VETERANS ARE COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN, WE CANNOT EVEN SEE THEM. VETERANS MUST NOT BE ASKED FOR MONEY. THEY MUST WEAR MEDALS. WE MUST SEE THEM AND THEIR MEDALS. If someone has lost an arm, people should kiss that missing arm. He is a hero. Why should we make our veterans sit at home? Not as a favor, but as something he has earned, because he is a brave man, insha’Allah. He should not be made to pay when he flies somewhere. He should be able to fly anywhere for free. If he buys a shirt, it is a disgrace for the shop to expect him to pay. How can you demand money from wounded veterans? “It is all over, let me embrace you,” you should say. Some people come in wheelchairs, and others on crutches. They are all heroes. Tourist facilities and everything should be free of charge for them. It is very wrong to expect them to spend their lives at home. They spend all their days indoors. How can we treat those heroes like that? WOUNDED VETERANS AND MARTYRS BOTH DESERVE SPECIAL CONCERN AND RESPECT. Then there are those cancer patients, a very small section of society. WE MUST MAKE THEM ALL JEWELS IN OUR CROWN.



Sabah / May 15th, 2012

In line with new arrangements to be set out under the Military Service Law and a new bill being drawn up on the subject, military veterans of terror are to be given rank and titles. For example, someone who is injured with the rank of first lieutenant in the fight against terror and is forced to leave the military on health grounds will be promoted to the same level as his contemporaries, to lieutenant or captain, depending on his seniority. His financial and social rights will then be based on that new rank. Veterans of terror will be able to rise as high as colonel.

2013-06-23 23:21:49

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