20 Trees, 152 Thousand Flowers to Taksim

What He Said?What Happened?

A9 TV: June 10th  , 2013


ADNAN OKTAR: For instance before doing anything for  Gezi Park, our Prime Minister Erdoğan can start to plant trees there. That is, some land can be saved for planting them. He is a person who uses every opportunity to expresses his love for greenery, trees, animals, plants and human beings and he puts into practice. 

But people are unaware of it; for example the photographs, the evidence of forestation works accomplished during the time when the AKP  has been  in power can be shown. This is impossible for us to accomplish. We do not know anything about the details of these services. The government must document these services by recording them on the video. The government can assign the Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) to  this task. The state can provide the documents and assign  TRT. Then it will be possible to show the services to the people.

June 14th, 2013: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: What needs to be done here is a positive attitude that will radically resolve the issue and denounce the allegations. Here they suggest that the greenery [in Gezi Park] is being ruined, that the trees are uprooted.

What is that which resolves this radically? To plant that area a thousand times more. Symbolically the trees that were sent away can also brought back and re-planted. Pools, gardens can be installed and the issue is resolved outright. It will be a worldwide resolution. Otherwise this will always  be a matter of tension. For instance if the results of the referendum are for, for instance, the construction of the Ottoman Barracks, the protestors would still not accept it. They will simply say, “The requests of the minority are also important.” The fact is, what will essentially solve the problem here would be planting some trees  on that area. What I ask our Prime Minister is to immediately forest  Gezi Park and to respond to the entire world in a shocking manner. Ottoman Barracks  can also be constructed on that vacant area. It is possible to construct it without touching any of the trees there. With some minor changes in  the architectural plans  of the barracks, all trees can be taken into account along with that structure. Then the issue will be resolved.

June 15th, 2013: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: The warnings of people with good intentions there have been beneficial to the government.  They said that they would be waiting for the court’s verdict and then hold a referendum. But what I have  said was not fulfilled. A great pool; I am repeating again, a great pool with swans in it. Little ponds and bronze sculptures must decorate this great pool. Pigeons and gardens must adorn that place. Sport facilities would not be becoming for that area; it is not an Olympic village. It is a place for going for a walk, not a sports facility. You already go around there. That is sports. Small, decorative cafes, restaurants and a very beautiful masjid, a beautiful one. And a structure reminding one of the Ottoman Barracks, not exactly the same one. A structure embellished with Ottoman fine arts and breathtaking ornaments. And this has to be accomplished without uprooting a single tree. And if possible, planting must be ten times more than its previous state. This can be accomplished by turning the area over to the public. The concrete must be turned to gardens as soon as possible. 


June 16th , 2013: Sabah 


Kazlıçeşme'de 1 milyon insana hitap eden BIn Kazlıçeşme, Prime Minister Erdogan addressed one million people and explained the cleaning activities. A team of 1,000 staff of the Istanbul Municipality carried out their activities in Taksim and its vicinity. Apart from the cleaning activities, the Directorate of Parks, Gardens and Green Areas are re-arranging the green areas that were vandalized. According to the plan, 20 adult trees will be initially planted as well as 152,000 thousand flowers which will be planted around Republic Monument and the pools in  Gezi Park

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