Mr. Erdogan: The Islamic World Needs an Awakening

What He Said?What Happened?

May 18th,  2013: A9 TV  

ADNAN OKTAR: The death of babies is something bitter, so is the death of young girls, the elderly people. They are all wrong. What needs to be accomplished is the Unity of Islam. If the Unity of Islam is accomplished, the problem of Syria would be settled. Those who oppose the Unity of Islam are responsible for the Syrian issue, right? For instance, a person can not lift something with his one finger or two fingers, but he can do it with all five of his  fingers. This is also the case with the Syrian problem. While the Islamic world is in such an disintegrated form, surely the Syrian issue will turn out to have such a complicated form. People shed blood and suffer pain. It would be risible to accuse America or Russia.

All the blame lies in the Islamic world. If Muslims unite and fulfill God’s provision and establish the Unity of Islam, the Syrian issue will be settled in an hour. And no one would ever object to it. Islamic scholars oppose the Unity of Islam, they don’t accept it. The Unity of Islam appears in the dailies very rarely. This is something God would not want. Then God takes revenge, may God forbid. He inflicts pain, fear and suffering. All kinds of inauspiciousness and scourges may surround not having the Unity of Islam. There is no point in resisting the Unity of Islam. They have to accept the solution as soon as possible. If the Unity of Islam is established, would we have the Afghanistan problem? Or the Iraq problem? Would there be any problems in Pakistan or Egypt? They will all be settled immediately.


19 May 2013, Bugün

Prime Minister Erdoğan made a statement in America that concerns the Islamic world and said the following:

“The last three centuries have been the periods where Capitalism and Nationalism rised. However no model that has been tried so far has brought any bliss and peace.  Humanity is suffering a lot but we must struggle altogether. If we do not struggle altogether, as you see, no intervention can be made to Syria. Can you think of it, almost 100,000  people have been killed so far. We must question ourselves about  how we can make better. It is not possible to cover any distance by accusing others. That is why the Islamic world needs a serious awakening. 

2013-07-18 10:24:35

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