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A9 TV: June 8th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: The real modernity is a society full of joy. Not a grey, dull, cool society. A society that is joyful, full of vigor, full of quality; this must be target of the state, the target of the government. That is why it is obligatory a ministry dealing with quality must be established.

A meek youth that is introverted, distant to arts and aesthetics is not acceptable. They should not have dull eyes;this is not the kind of youth we want. I exclude everyone but some young people are so. This is not acceptable. They have to be vivid, they have to bring joy wherever they enter. They need to present beauty with their laughter, talking, exuberance and the brightness in their eyes. This is very vital. We ask our Prime Minister to aim for such a youth, insha’Allah.

 A9 TV: June 6th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: One of the most important goals of governments is quality. Quality is low in Turkey. Services are good but quality is low. For instance, there exists an airport but it must display aesthetics with its greenery, beauty, classiness and modernity. It is designed only to be functional. All right, buildings are strong, they do not collapse, but they are dull. They are not of high quality.

Quality must be the primal issue. Improvement in quality is vital. We are a European country; not one of the third world countries. Being sensitive to the environment is essential. We see and sense that our Prime Minister will also give primary importance to it. Insha’Allah, he will be better.


18 June 2013, Zaman


“The Turkish media does not aim to increase the quality of people”

Ekrem Dumanlı, Editor in Chief of Zaman Daily, made a statement about quality for the first time. He said that the greatest wealth of Turkey is the quality of human beings. He stated that especially in the Turkish media there are no great projects aiming at a higher quality of people. He said, “There is only one thing that will sustain this sector; quality people who are able to understand  the world and  Turkey accurately, and more importantly, the truth of man.”

2013-07-18 10:27:26

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