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A9 TV:  April 2nd, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR:  There is also incitement in universities. Our security forces should be more punctilious and take better precautions. They do not have a police presence in universities. In my view there should be large numbers of police. There should be plainclothes and uniformed police in universities. Many young people cannot go to many universities because of their views. That is a fact. A right-winger cannot go to a university where left-wingers are in charge because they cannot study in peace. Young girls who wear the headscarf cannot go. Maybe leftists cannot go to some places. That is why there should be plainclothes police in all classes in schools. Where is the harm? That is a good thing. Are the police not our brothers? Students could be present as police, as official police officers: Security, in other words. They beat teachers up and knife other students. That would all come to an end. So where is the harm? How could police officers annoy anyone? They should be friends with them, and the police should chat to them. I am not saying the police should be cold and stand-offish. They should be friendly and chat in the canteen. Where is the harm? But there must be a police presence. It is difficult for students to bring that about in schools. It has never happened anywhere at any time. That is why we would ask it from the government.

There should be plainclothes and uniformed police in all schools, even in high schools. Now young people threaten their teachers, at the age of 15-16, for instance. Just as they are approaching maturity, some of them go through a phase of bullying; they want to prove themselves. But if there were a police presence, they could not challenge their teachers. 


July 12th, 2013: Vatan 

The prime minister spoke at an iftar program in Bingöl. Touching on recent events he said, "If there is violence, the response to violence is violence. Everyone will see that. That is why we will soon be installing our own security forces in universities, rather than private security. Because seeing very different things happening here imposes a special responsibility on us.”

2013-07-28 02:10:44

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