President Gül: We should focus on the fact that innocent people are being killed, not on how they are killed

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A9 TV, May 1st , 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: Isn’t this strange? They cut Muslims up limb by limb. They shoot them with automatic guns, they blow them up with bombs. They use howitzers to raze buildings to ground. [According to these people] All that is okay, normal; but when it comes to killing with chemical weapons, they say ‘No, no, it is not humane’. Blowing  a person to pieces by bombs, is that humane? They rain bullets on them, they break their bones, tear their limbs apart. Is that so humane? They don't like the way people are killed with  chemical weapons; they think the other methods are preferable. Is that a better way to kill people? They say, the other methods of killing are acceptable, and do not call for an intervention. But if people are killed with chemical weapons, they say ‘No, I won’t allow that’. What kind of a state of mind is this? Very illogical.  

Violence is evil, regardless of the way it is inflicted. Murder is murder, it doesn't change if it is done with chemical weapons or otherwise, and the whole world must immediately step in to stop the violence. Still, this problem and all the other problems in the world, can be really solved only with the Turkish Islamic Union. Therefore, it is very important that the Islamic Union is established immediately.

August 29th , 2013 A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: They are obsessed with chemical weapons. They are burning people with napalm bombs and they say ‘It is very normal’. They burn children alive. That’s what a napalm bomb does, it burns people alive. It destroys an entire neighborhood. They say a napalm bomb is OK, it’s legal. They use general purpose bombs, which completely changes the geography, the land, it makes hills and valleys. They say ‘This one is OK’. Shrapnel pieces stab people in the faces, rip their limbs apart, and they say ‘They are all normal’: But when it comes to chemical weapons, they say: ‘How could you? It is inhumane.’ They say ‘How can you kill people like that? You should kill them like this, this is better’. This is illlogical. People should not be killed in any way, all forms of killing are the same. People die, be it with chemical weapons, general purpose bombs, or automatic guns.  So they should drop this talk. The problem in Syria stems from Darwinism and materialism. There is a communist regime in Syria. They are communists, and they believe in Darwinism and materialism. 

August 31st , 2013 A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: Let’s just say that [Western forces went there and bombed Assad’s forces]. Do you think they will say: ‘We understand now we made a big mistake, we won’t do it again.’ Do you really think that? They will just say: ‘If you don't like us to kill people that way, we will use other methods; we’ll strangle them, we’ll burn them, slaughter them with chainsaws.’ According to these people, chopping people up with chainsaws is OK. Beheading them is OK, according to them. They put men against the wall and stab them to death. They say ‘This is war, these things are normal’. But [when Assad uses] poisonous gas, they say he is a tryrant. They don't say anything when people are being clubbed to death with wooden sticks, or when they are burned alive with gasoline poured on their faces. They say it is normal in  war. But when Assad uses gas, it is a huge thing: They say, we’ll bomb you now so you’ll know better than doing it again. This is wrong. You just ban one out of thousands of different kinds of death; you encourage other types of killing, but single out just one. I don't understand the reasoning behind that. It is all violence. They drop bombs in his face, his body is ripped apart by bombs, he dies in great pain, and they say it is OK when it is done with anything other than chemical weapons. Obviously such an attitude will not help, they are spending their money to no avail. They are hurting people for no reason. The only solution is the Mahdi system.  


September 24th 2013, Time Türk

President Gül was in New York over the weekend to attend the General Assembly Meetings of United Nations and during his address, he said: ‘We all need a strong, efficient and reliable UN. We need a UN that is prepared for the global realities of today. We have to know that any indifference by the Security Council is only encouraging those aggressive regimes’ and continued: ‘We have to focus on the fact that innocent people are being killed, not on how they are killed’.

2013-10-10 22:31:09

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