Aziz Üstel: According to the bequest of Ataturk, Turkish-Islamic Union will be established

What He Said?What Happened?

A9 TV: November 16th 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: Ataturk describes Hz.Mahdi (a.s.) clearly in his bequest. He describes  e thIslamic Union.  When Kenan Evren opened it, he had said “Turkish people can not endure this, if I declare this it will shake the world”, “I will not declare this, it may be axplained later”. Probably it will be vouchsafed to be declared by Hz. Mahdi (a.s.) inşha'Allah.

A9 TV: October 7th 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: Because Atatürk was against bigotry as all Turkish people but he was looking forward to Islamic Union  enthusiastically, joyfully. But he was wanting an Islamic Union that was completely purified from bigotry. How is the Islamıc Union he describes? Mahdi’s system. Ataturk already describes the Mahdi’s system extensively. He describes it clearly by name, masha'Allah.

TV Kayseri and Samsun Aks TV:  August 4th 2010

ADNAN OKTAR: Related to our Prophet (pbuh), related to agreeting to the Quran. Look he says, “Everyone should follow exactly the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) and what He said”  1one month before he passed away. It is clear. He says “...everyone may adhere to the Qur'an and  apply exactly the instructions given.” What are the instructions our Prophet (pbuh) gives us? All of the Sunnah. Ataturk says “Follow the Sunnah”

He was wishing all the Turks to unite. There was the Turan idea, the whole combination of the Turkish nation. Why does he want this? For the peace of the world because a powerful leader will create a powerful government. He said “The initial leaders may be strong and the Turks may manage and may embrace all the Islamic world” Ataturk has many other speeches. He says that: “...after that this association will turn into unity of the world.” Ataturk  also had the belief of unity of the world.

In his undecleard bequest , he  mentions clearly about Hz.Mahdi (pbuh). There are ones who have seen his bequest; one such fellow lives somewhere on the  Mediterranean side. I can not say who. He is a highranking person, such a precious brother. He is a person who has seen and read the bequest personally. He mentions all about Hz.Mahdi (pbuh), how the Prophet Jesus (as) will appear in person and the Islamic Union. Ataturk is a protector. He is not such a person that people have commonly understood. He is such a person that paves the way for Mahdi (as), and that wants all the world’s peace and beauty. 


September 29th 2013: Star

Aziz Ustel wrote Ataturk’s secret bequest was about the caliphate and according to the Tumluer family - who says a copy of the bequest is with them -  a Turkish-Islamic Union will be established under the leadership of Turkey and someone descended from Hz.Muhammed (pbuh) will become the leader.

2013-10-15 22:50:31

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