U.S. Economy Collapsed

What He Said?What Happened?

Azerbaijan Government News Agency: August 14th ,2008

Adnan Oktar:  There has been very important developments about the Turkish Islamic Union. There are astonishing developments, but after the economic crises, Turkish Islamic Union has become a must. There isn’t a second solution. The salvation of the U.S. and the European Union  depends on the Turkish Islamic Union. If the Turkish Islamic Union is not established then, Europe collapses, the U.S. collapses. So both sides are going to collapse.

November 10th: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: The world will be caught unprepared for communism. In Europe and America a basis for communism is provided. This economic crises will tear Europe and America down. They will come to a deadlock. And after that, they will put communism forward. This is the plan of the Antichrist.

Çay TV: March 4th,  2009

ADNAN OKTAR: I told you at the beginning, when the economic crises first started; “it will go on for seven years, and the severity of it will increase progressively.” I have also said that; “It will cause serious famine in the world, preventive precautions should be taken, preparations should be made already and the only solution is the Turkish Islamic Union.”

Otherwise, let me tell you frankly; the world will  perish and the world will see  a famine that has not been witnessed in  world history. The only solution is the Turkish Islamic Union. By the blessings, the beauty and the peace of this union will turn everything totally opposite. There is no need to wait for that until the very last moment. Today, all around the world, some countries are going broke. This is new, I didn’t use to hear of such things before.  I knew that companies would go broke, but I didn’t hear that a country goes broke, but now the economies of whole countries are going broke. Everyday we hear about a new company going broke. 


October 2nd 2013, Sabah

U.S. Congress In the U.S. Congress, Republicans stipulated that the healthcare reforms should be stopped for the approval of a six week temporary budget; because they couldn’t reach a settlement, the U.S. Government is shut down for the first time in 17 years.

800,000 federal workers have been forced off their jobs. Most of the federal agencies, national parks and museums are shut down. Thousands of air traffic controllers, guards and border protection officers are being forced to continue working unpaid.

2013-10-19 23:17:55

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