Jordan’s King Abdullah: It is a Muslim’s “duty” to protect Christians

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A9 TV: January 7th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: Look, for example Muslims have a leader during Prophet Noah’s (pbuh) era. Muslims are a group, there are no sects or congregations. There is only one group of Muslims and Prophet Noah(pbuh) is their leader. Muslims are not without a leader. There is only one group of Muslims. There is only one group during Prophet Abraham’s (pbuh) era. There are no congregations, sects or cults. Also there are no sects, congregations, cults, nothing like these during the time of Prophet Moses’ (pbuh) era, either. There is only one Muslim community. There is only one leader and he is Prophet Moses (pbuh), that’s all. Later on these divisions happened; falling apart, dividing , being without a leader. When you want to be the leader, many Muslims instead stand up for the mindset; “Muslims don’t have a leader”. There will be no Sunnism, no Shiism, no Wahabism. There is Hazrat Mahdi (saas), and Sunnism, Shiism, Wahabism cannot exist where Hazrat Mahdi (saas) is.

Kral Karadeniz TV; January 30th, 2009

Adnan Oktar: The Turkish Islamic World should constantly emphasize their good faith, love, compassion and affection; especially we must make our Christian and Jewish brothers understand our deep love and passion about protecting them.

We must make them clearly understand that there will be no separations and they are our dear brothers.

A9 TV: July 26th, 2012

Adnan Oktar: Christians are our dear brothers,  Jews are our dear brothers; by working together we will remove the AntiChrist; with knowledge and opinion. Our Prophet (saas) says in a hadith, Bediüzzaman says in Risale-i Nur; we are struggling against the AntiChrist together with Christians; arm in arm and bonded at the heart and we are determined to continue our fight. Christians are our dear brothers, our friends because they believe in the Prophets, they believe in “One God” and in any case, they believe in the hereafter, they believe in both heaven and  hell. We fight together against the AntiChrist, we are and we will continue. They are trying to create the mindset as if there is an opposite attitude. They want to show people that Muslims are the enemies of Jews and Christians so Muslims will fight against Christians and Jews, and the world will burn . So this is called the AntiChrist and the ones who are encouraging this are the AntiChrist. Hazrat Mahdi (saas) will be in collaboration with both Jews and Christians.



The Vatican Today ( September 4th 2013

Jordan’s King Abdullah, speaking at a conference in Amman, said that to solve the sectarian clashes in the region, Muslims and Christians should ally. He also declared that it is a Muslims “duty” to protect Christians.

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