The Soldiers congratulated the Victory Day together with the public in Hakkari What he said…

What He Said?What Happened?

A9: January 6th, 2013

Adnan Oktar: Adnan Oktar: We will never ever give away the Southeast. We will never leave our brothers to the hands of the communists. The people of the Southeast are very religious, modest, gleaming people. What happens to them in the hands of Marxist, Leninist, Stalinist communists?: God forbid, they would be destroyed. We would never ever allow such a thing. It would be very abnormal to leave this  war of nerves defeated. We must stay strong-willed and determined and say “No” constantly. “Leave, we will not allow such a thing”. This is the thing to say.

A9 TV: August 4th, 2012

Adnan Oktar: In the Southeast, the  PKK shows love to the public. It is citizenship, they say “We are protecting you”. “Do you  need bread? We will protect your honor, your pride. We will prevent you from being insulted.” Of course there are some despicable people who insult them. This is a war of love. If we show our brothers that we love them more, than it will be over. It is all about  love. If they talk with an official and arrogant tone of voice and slight them and say, “We are the statesmen who command you, your commanders have come” that would be very bad. But if they say, “Your servants have come. Your brothers who are also your servants  have come, your Muslim brothers have come. You are perfect Muslims. You’re the descendants of  Salāh ad-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb (Saladin) and  Bediüzzaman” then the PKK cannot obtain any results. It is all about  love.

A9 TV: August 9th, 2012

Adnan Oktar: They are playing a game, and there are some high degree people who see this as reasonable. These vicious people talk about this secretly. It is very vicious to regard with disfavor the citizens on our  country’s land, to hate them and to regard with disfavor our country’s land.  This is one of the reasons lying underneath: Against this lack of character  and this viciousness we must protect our citizens in the Southeast more, we must love them more, we must show how much we give value to them, we must show how much we respect them.

Press Conference: March 8th, 2008

Adnan Oktar: The Eastern community, I used to go to Anatolia very often in my childhood. I had a good relationship with the Eastern community, they have very good manner, they are very humane, compassionate, merficul, very kind, they know how to show respect, they are very moral people. The solution is love, the same as the whole Anatolian community, it is all about protecting, all about mercy, compassion, and showing deep respect, this is the solution. Compassion and love solve all the problems.


Enson Haber: August 30th, 2013

In Hakkari’s Şemdinli district, August 30th, Victory Day and the Turkish Armed Forces Day were celebrated.

The citizens and the soldiers were seen together with  Turkish flags in their hands on  Goman Mountain, where many operations have previously taken place.

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